The 3 Mistakes To Avoid When Kayak Fishing (To Save Time & Money)


Are you a saltwater kayak angler?

Looking to catch more inshore slams from your kayak?

If you love kayak fishing (or if you’re getting into it as a beginner), then you’re going to love this episode with kayak fishing coach Tony Acevedo.

We break down the top 3 kayak fishing mistakes for inshore saltwater anglers.

Find out how to avoid too much tackle, where to fish (and where not to fish), and kayak positioning.

Check it out!

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Top 3 Kayak Fishing Mistakes [VIDEO]

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Top 3 Kayak Fishing Mistakes [PODCAST]

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Here’s a timestamped table of contents:

  • 0:59 – Kayak fishing mastery course
  • 3:10 – The cost of kayaks today
  • 4:07 – Here’s the #1 kayak fishing mistake = $$$
  • 4:53 – How much stuff do you really need on a kayak?
  • 7:01 – This is where you put your rods in a kayak
  • 8:40 – Tackle storage options (Get your Plano Tackle Box here)
  • 10:45 – Finding the right kayak for you
  • 12:29 – Standing up vs. sitting down in a kayak
  • 13:01 – Mistake #2 = STEALTH
  • 14:52 – Where do you put your paddle?
  • 16:11 – Pedal drive kayaks & when to use them
  • 18:31 – Take the pedals out at this point
  • 19:23 – Here’s mistake #3 = Planning
  • 20:09 – Use this website to find kayak launch spots
  • 21:24 – Learn the 90/10 rule if you want to find fish
  • 23:11 – Pre-trip planning for kayak fishing
  • 25:17 – How many spots should you choose to fish based on wind
  • 26:33 – Using your phone on a kayak to check spots/weather/etc.
  • 28:03 – How to take fish pics on a kayak
  • 31:35 – Anglers are investing in the Kayak Fishing Mastery Course every day
  • 32:45 – Find the Salt Strong kayak fishing course here
  • 33:28 – Here’s how to get direct access to our fishing coaches


If you are new to kayak fishing or just want to master the art of kayak fishing, there are several mistakes to avoid making if you want to be successful.

Don’t bring too much stuff, try to be stealthy, and make sure you plan your trip before you get on the water!

Have you made any of these mistakes?

Can you think of other mistakes to add to the list?

Let me know down in the comments!

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3 months ago

Hi Tony, My wife and I purchased 2 kayaks. We are new to kayaking and wanted you take on where you recommend we start using the kayaks to get a feel of how they handle in order to get comfortable using it. Any suggestions? Great stuff as always

Teri Cranford
3 months ago

Can you do a video about kayak fishing along the beach? We have done a little surf and pier fishing but are thinking it would be fun to be out in those areas in the kayaks. What would be pros, cons, techniques and tips? Our friends warned us about riptide in the Flagler Beach area. Is that a concern in a peddle kayak? We would be mainly fishing the Texas to Florida Gulf coast and Florida east coast. Thanks!

David Middleton
3 months ago

Hi Joe,
I’ve tested several knots on 60# to 80# mono and flo. Mono is stronger but the knot strength is significantly diverse. 60# mono breaking at 40# and 80# mono breaking at 58#. The palmar was the strongest but only the signal. The larger mono wants to burn into itself therefore wreaking the knot. Have you tested the larger lines and if so what was your thoughts?

Thank you,

Ed S
3 months ago

Very informative podcast, im one of those “big dudes” you mentioned. Just starting the kayak fishing experience and wondering what type of kayak a 6′ 7″— 250lb
old arthritic man should consider?

Jerry Ashford
3 months ago

Awesome video guys! I’ve been kayak inshore fishing for some time now and would like to try the open water. I live in the Destin area slowly building up the courage to try this sometime this year on a calm day. Are there plans to make these type of videos which would include the 90\10 rule, bait, lure, gear, safety and techniques?

Gene Kolen
3 months ago

When fishing with live shrimp what is the best method of keeping them alive on a kayak?

Rob Biermann
3 months ago
Reply to  Gene Kolen

Hi Gene, you can actually wet paper towels, and layer live shrimp in between the wet layers, and put in your cooler with some ice, can be a very small soft sided cooler. Will keep them alive for a day on the water. Or you can go the livewell route, which personally, when I kayak fish with a paddle and gear…is way too much stuff to bring.

David Oakes
3 months ago

I’ve been fishing from a kayak or canoe all my life.( love it). Both fresh water and salt water. I want to make one suggestion that will help every kayak angler catch more fish. It has to do with mind set. From the time I leave the drive way,I tell myself to slow down, your not going anywhere fast. By doing this you put yourself into a mind set that carries over to your day on the water. This helps you pay attention to every little detail on the water. Once you do that you will catch more fish.

Al Schellhorn
3 months ago

Thanks guys. Like many, I started out kayak fishing on a cheap kayak. It took me a few trips to realize what things I needed and which were just taking up valuable room. Keep it simple is good advice. Tony’s point about preparing ahead for the ride back at the end of the day is so true.

Rob Rice
3 months ago

In the event you catch a keeper while kayak fishing, what is the best method to keep fish until returning to shore? If stringer what type? Concerned of dragging fish in water that might be bait for larger predator’s, i.e., alligators, etc.

Rob Rice
3 months ago
Reply to  Tony Acevedo

Thanks Tony.

Andrew Coffey
3 months ago

Congrats on the growth guys. 50-100 new people a day? We going to see you on shark tank soon? Love the content, community, gear… Keep it up.

I’m taking my new yak for it’s maiden here in a few days. Perfectly timed video. Yak for me is (hopefully still true) my time as seemingly permanent skipper to not have to do the madhouse landing dash, not pay for gas, check and recheck electronics, troller, talon while getting some much needed exercise. Oh and I hope I can avoid loading up and washing down 90 things.

Never hurts to get some solo time with the boss, mother nature. Fishing is the cherry (I like cherries!).

3 months ago
Reply to  Andrew Coffey

Love it! It’s funny you mentioned Shark Tank as they’ve actually called us twice (they have paid outreach to find new “contestants” but we can’t slow down enough to go through the long process of applying (nor do we really want to at this point). Can’t wait to hear how the maiden trip goes!! Make sure to post it in the Insider community. We appreciate you big time!


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