Flambeau Tackle Tray Review (Waterproof AND Rustproof Tackle Tray)


Looking for a new tackle tray?

Then you’re going to love this new Flambeau tackle tray review!

Not only is it waterproof, but it’s also rustproof and keeps things in their own separate compartments (unlike many other tackle trays).

In this video, we’ve got former professional bass angler and Salt Strong COO, Mark Goodson, giving you a walk-through of this tackle tray.


Flambeau Tackle Tray Review [VIDEO]

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When we were looking for a tackle tray for our store, we didn’t want just any old tackle tray.

We wanted something that would help keep our lures safe.

If you have several $8 lures in your tackle tray, a little bit of saltwater in there can turn into a very expensive trip.

So when we found the Flambeau Tackle with Zerust® VCI vapor technology, we were thrilled!

Zerust® VCI vapor technology actually prevents oxidation (which causes rust) so this tray is not only waterproof but also rustproof.

We also like the fact that it’s semi-transparent, so you can see what’s inside, it’s durable, and the ridges and tabs go from the top of the tray to the bottom, so it’s totally compartmentalized.

With other tackle trays where the ridges and tabs don’t touch the lid, if the tray flips over then small things like hooks or swivels can move compartments.

But with this tray the lid, tabs, and ridges are flush, so even small hooks won’t move from one compartment to another.

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If you want to keep your lures safe and rust-free, you’re going to love the Flambeau tackle tray.

You can get it from our shop here:

Have any questions about this tray?

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