Flood Tide Fishing With The Help Of Smart Fishing Spots [Fishing Report]


Last week I was out with fellow Fishing Coach Pat Ogletree for some fun flood tide fishing!

We needed the help of Smart Fishing Spots on this trip.

Check out how easy it was for us to locate oyster bars and seagrass beds right here!!

Flood Tide Fishing [VIDEO]

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Equipment Used:

Smart Fishing Spots is simply elite and will automatically elevate your fishing game immediately.

We use SFS now for everything and it’s even become our primary weather app when we aren’t fishing.

Last week we updated the platform to include oyster bars and seagrass bed layers.

You can actually find beds of seagrass and oyster bars lined up along a shoreline from your own home.

So now you are able to locate seagrass and oysters in your area, pick a few spots of interest, and then upload that data to your boat’s navigation system.

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Smart Fishing Spots is going to change the way we approach planning our fishing trips because we can already see its impact right now.

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Do you have any more questions about flood tide fishing?

Let me know your thoughts down below!!

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Bill Witte
1 month ago

When do you foresee the oyster bed information being available for Alabama area.

Bill Hobson
1 month ago

Insider member here with a question: do you see a difference in casting distance with the Microwave guides on the Aqua Dream rod versus the newer Fuji K frame guides? I posed that question on a Texas saltwater forum and got a mostly negative response. The consensus was that if the guides are placed and spaced right on the rod, the Fuji K guides were just as good or better than the Microwave guides.

Thomas Moran
1 month ago

We fished that area a couple weeks after you did, but hit the tides wrong – outgoing through low, never got the high water in the grass you did! When we did make it back into the grass, so many mullet that it was challenging to find a red based on water movement. Still, obviously with the right conditions a great place to find fish. Only get down that way once a year so have to wait for another shot at them!

Richard Thomas
1 month ago

Gotta love those flooded grass flats! Such a unique and fun way to fish. Great report man!


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