How To Catch More Flounder (In All 4 Seasons) With Capt. Jot Owens


Want to catch more flounder?

You’re in luck!

When we were at iCast a few weeks ago we got to hang out and do a live podcast with the man, the myth, the legend, Capt. Jot Owens!

This dude knows how to catch flounder, and lucky for us, he actually shared quite a bit of his secrets.

We’re talking secrets like:

  • His favorite baits (size and color) to catch big doormat flounder
  • The best tides to catch flounder
  • When to move on from a spot (so you can maximize your time in the feeding zones)
  • The most important thing to do if you want to catch lots of big flounder
  • Inshore & nearshore tips (and how to catch flounder in each type of spot)
  • His secret to catching more flounder (and getting hung up less!)
  • And much more!

Plus, he goes into detail on catching flounder in all four seasons, so you can catch flounder year round.

Since this was a live, in-person conversation, you can watch the video below, or just listen to the audio by clicking the play button below that, or on iTunes or Stitcher.


Note: if you want more Jot Owens flounder tips, you can catch him in our Flounder Mastery course.

How To Catch More Flounder [VIDEO]

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How To Catch More Flounder [Podcast]

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Were those some incredible flounder tips or what?

I don’t know about you, but I’m going to be relistening to this podcast at the beginning of every season.

If you want to keep up with Capt. Jot or book a charter, check him out at the links below:

Do you have any more questions about catching flounder?

Let us know in the comments below!

And if you want more Jot Owens, you can catch him in our Flounder Mastery course (which we’re currently running a special on!)

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how to catch flounderThe Best Flounder Is Fresh, Not Frozen.

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Steven Free
4 years ago

I know that capt jot knows what he’s doing but for me and I always am saying what works for me I have many times caught big flounder to me 4lbs or better in small creeks when the tide was falling and i have also experienced many many times big flounder follow my bait to the boat sometimes to the point of me almost pulling the bait out of the water and i like a spinnerbaits for flounder here in notheast fl where like capt jot we have large tides as well in fact here the tides have the biggest influx and strength in the whole state but because of this and our naturally stained water the spinnerbait with a paddletail on a jig and the blade in either copper or gold puts out a lot of vibration and flash something that flounder key in on I like a fourth ounce or like capt jot three eaiths is good as well I also found that by using a Oklahoma blade is better then the Colorado because the Oklahoma is a cross between the Colorado and willow leaf blade the willow having more flash then vibration and the Colorado having more vibration then flash so it’s best of both worlds per say and also the Colorado has a tendency to make the lure rise more and not stay on the bottom like it should for flounder I like to like capt jot short cast it under docks in deeper water and let it bump bottom then give it a quick snap to start the blade spinning and reel slow just enough to make the blade spin and usually if there is a flounder there he will hit it by about the 3rd or 4th crank of the reel handle I tip mine with a piece of fishbites in shrimp scent and i also put some procure in flounder pounder scent as well but like I said this all works for me thanks for the vid Joe and all you do for saltstrong????

Glenn Acomb
4 years ago

Great presentation and very informative. It corrected one important misunderstanding I had. That fishing with artificial baits do not need me to wait long to set the hook like live bait. Also good to hear the seasonal fishing patterns he has found.

David Dysart
4 years ago

Great discussion… can you provide a small breakdown of the artificials that were discussed ???

Frank Santana
4 years ago

I thoroughly enjoyed the podcast/video !!! When Captain mentioned the dead weight is the signal to set the hook, it reminded me of the Flounder I caught yesterday. It felt like I was hung up on the bottom but set the hook anyway. Sure enough, it was an 18” Flounder. Great information and Captain held my attention the whole time. Thanks Joe !!!

Jack Hood
4 years ago

That was some great tips in a short video.

George Murphy
4 years ago

Great podcast Capt. Thanks for sharing all your insights!

William Allison
4 years ago

This video was awesomely helpful especially for us in NC who don’t get to big water as much as we’d like.

Greg Batchelor
4 years ago

What a great session with Jot! Nice job, guys…………….love it

Aaron Benson
4 years ago

I may have missed it but did Capt Jot say what additional scent he uses?

Jot Owens
4 years ago
Reply to  Aaron Benson

If I’m using Gulp no additional scents used, I will sometimes add a dab of pro cure Inshore mix to PowerBait grass pig lures.


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