You’ve Got To See This Flounder Walk On The Water!!

Have you ever seen anything like this?!?!?!

In your fishing career, have you ever seen a flounder “walking” across the surface of the water?!

We certainly were not expecting to see something like this!

You’ve got to check it out!!!

You’ve Got To See This Flounder Walk On The Water!! [VIDEO]

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After hooking a redfish, the rest of the school moved over in front of us and then THIS happened!!

This flounder was trying to escape from the school of redfish!

We have not seen a flounder try to evade redfish before.

If you have ever seen anything like this, please comment down below and let us know in the comments!

Is this usual behavior for flounder when they are around schools of redfish?

It is certainly not something you see every day and something we won’t forget!

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Steven Free
2 years ago

Yes quite odd indeed I would think that flounder wouldn’t even attract redfish at all considering when they are on the bottom they are totally covered by mud or sand depending on tbe bottom content and remaining perfectly still i would think that they would not be noticed at all unless maybe the flounder had just finished eating something and it was going to the bottom and was in the process of covering itself then the redfish saw it I remember a time I saw a few flounder jump out of the water for no apparent reason for I did not notice anything chasing them I also in one instance caught one on a topwater my silver and bone spook Jr while fishing the top of a submerged point that was shallow only about 2 ft on top but deep enough the flounder had not moved off of it for deep water yet I was surprised considering the spook Jr was much to big for the flounder to completely swallow just goes to show you if they are hungry enough they will try and eat anything that looks alive and has action great video😁

Mario Relvini
2 years ago

That’s amazing. Never really thought about it but I guess a red can easily sniff out a flounder and get an easy meal.

Jason Rosado
2 years ago

Wow, I never knew flounder would come up to the surface like that interesting! But definitely the way how it was moving it was definitely being chased by something. Great video!


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