The ALL NEW Gold Digger BOMBER Paddletail Lure

Did you hear about the ALL NEW GOLD DIGGER BOMBER?!?!

Have you been using the Gold Digger Paddletail lure?

What about the Slam Shady BOMBER Paddletail?

YOU all wanted a Gold Digger BOMBER and IT HAS ARRIVED!!!

Check this out!!

Gold Digger BOMBER

gold digger BOMBER pack

The Gold Digger paddletail is one of our very own proprietary paddletail lures available in our online shop.

It is a 3.5-inch soft plastic lure made out of plastisol that is black with gold flakes scattered throughout the lure.

Our fishing coaches and Insider Members absolutely love the Gold Digger color design.

The Gold Digger is excellent in murky or dirty water because it will stand out and resemble the profile of a shrimp or baitfish.

It provides contrast to the other lures we have in our shop like the Slam Shady 2.0 and F.R.E.D. paddletails.

For most inshore fishing scenarios, it is best to have a variety of different color lures to fit each type of fishing condition and to see what the fish will eat on a given day.

The Slam Shady BOMBER has been a fan favorite since day 1 because of its larger 5-inch profile and ability to reel in some of the biggest inshore fish!

So…why not combine the Gold Digger design and the Bomber lure style???

Here is everything you need to know about this lure:

Gold Digger Bomber:

  • Special 5-inch aerodynamic body made to BOMB the lure into the feeding zone
  • One of the best skipping paddletail lures on the market
  • Easy to rig with jig heads and weighted hooks (plus rigs weedless in seconds)
  • Proven to work in all water clarities and tints
  • Pairs perfectly with Owner TwistLock Weighted Hooks & Z-Man Trout Eye Jighead
  • Super-Fast Action Tail
  • Black lure loaded with gold flakes – perfect for dirty water and super clear water on sunny days (for contrast)
  • 7 Lures per pack
  • Made in the USA

➡Click HERE to get the Gold Digger BOMBER Today

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P.S. – Want to know how to retrieve all the different types of inshore fishing lures in a variety of ways? Check out our Artificial Lure Retrieval Methods Mini-Course.

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Angelo Durso
2 years ago

this ought to be a top lure, I cannot wait to use it consistently

Pat Ogletree
2 years ago

This is going to be an awesome lure!

Jon Fortune
2 years ago


Matt Loutzenhiser
2 years ago

Very excited to throw this in inlets at night when it gets a bit warmer.


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