GT Knot vs. FG Knot: Head To Head Knot Strength Experiment


Every day I get emails about the GT knot.

They’re either asking me if it’s really the strongest rated knot, or telling me I’m crazy for thinking the FG knot is stronger.

I’ve never seen a knot get so much attention!

But is all the hype deserved?

Is the GT knot really the strongest braid to mono/fluoro knot?

I decided to put these two knots head to head and do a test.

I have a new tension machine that tells me exactly how strong a knot is so we can see precisely which knot is stronger and by how much.

Check out the experiment below.

P.S. If you’re a GT knot fan, this might surprise you!

GT Knot vs. FG Knot [VIDEO]

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There’s a ton of misinformation about the GT knot out there, as well as several different ways to tie it.

And the crazy thing is, the most popular videos show the worst way to tie it!

The GT knot is basically a uni knot on the braid side and a figure eight knot on the mono side.

Both of those knots are weaker than the FG knot, so I had a hunch the GT knot wouldn’t be as strong as the FG knot.

And I was right!

Here are the results of the test:

GT Knot Breaking Strength

Test 1: 9.80 lbs.

Test 2: 7.36 lbs.

Test 3: 13.12 lbs.

Average: 10.09 lbs.

FG Knot Breaking Strength

Test 1: 18.96 lbs.

Test 2: 17.77 lbs.

Average: 18.37 lbs.

Braid should break well above it’s listed resistance, which in this case was 10 lbs.

The FG knot did break well above 10 lbs., but the GT knot broke right at 10 lbs. on average


Although there’s a lot of excitement about the GT knot, there’s also a lot of misinformation.

It’s only 55% as strong as the FG knot because it doesn’t spread the load as well as FG knot does.

Have any questions about these knots?

Want me to test out any other knots against each other?

Let me know down in the comments!

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Gary Yoder
5 months ago

great stuff!!! i was using the double uni knot..had very good results. however, since your video changed all my set ups to FG knot

  1. FG easier to tie while out fishing
  2. FG so much cleaner flowing thru the guides.
  3. not sure about breaking point on double uni??

Always appreciate SALT STONG’s commitment to teaching & sharing to help us improve this great lifetime sport of fishing!!!!!!!!!! worth every cent!!!

Jeffrey R. Chain
5 months ago

Hi Luke. I believe your results. I have a suggestion, however, about the scientific method in performing your tests. I believe that the rate of force applied may affect the failure point (viscoelasticity, etc.). Perhaps some of our engineering friends can add to the discussion. I believe if you had a way to apply consistent force at a consistent rate, your comparisons would be more accurate. For example, if you attached the line to a spindle and turned the spindle at a defined speed, it would eliminate some variables. Food for thought. Again, the engineers in the group may be able to help with this. Fish on!
Jeff Chain

Thom Ray
5 months ago

Foul! Otis entered the room halfway during the test. I suspect he was somehow influencing the test results ! 🐕 🐶

C. Lance Weaver
5 months ago

I’m sure glad the FG Knot out preformed the GT, I have got the FG down pat and fairly quick about it even on the kayak. I was not wanting to change.

Michael Danek
5 months ago

Size difference?

5 months ago

Hi Luke, I’m a big FG fan but some friends are raving about the Bobbin knot strength. Have you done a break test on the FG vs the bobbin?

5 months ago

That almost looks like an Alberto knot, which if it is not, you should test that knot. I like the Alberto note, for me it is easier to tie.

Kevin Holland
5 months ago

You have to double the braid on the GT Knot I have been using it for yeaqrs and have never had it snap on me.

5 months ago

i watched this over and over and find it hard to believe you did not clip the tag end on the FG knot. correct me if wrong but all tests on the GT clearly looked to me, it broke right at the knot yet the FG looked more like the braid broke close to knot but not at the knot. anyway i will stick with the FG if for no other reason it just looks smother than the GT and will glide through the eye much better. thanks luke for this demo and even otus had to come see the testing 🙂

Malcolm Hayward
5 months ago
Reply to  ROY L NOBLIN

The FG knot is very strong, albeit inevitably messy. However, the braid is always bruised by the process. Splicing avoids this. 100% is claimed.
I splice for elegance and because I enjoy it. I set my drags to 50% of the lightest line.

Ian Warner
5 months ago

I have tested and exclusively fish the FG, however will sometimes double the braid with a bimini prior to braiding the FG. Testing at home tying this to the same leader the regular fg breaks first.
Worth testing on your machine?
I know it’s an extra step so I only do it when rigging at home, it wont glide through the guides quite as well and there is a diameter of braid to leader to keep in mind but seems to work well. Would certainly be curious if I am wasting my time!

Also, I am testing UV knot cure (fly fishing stuff) over the fg, i dont think it will help with strength but maybe keep the tag of the braid a bit more intact when reeling through the guides 100’s of times? Eventually i get a frayed end so figured I would give it shot! Doesnt seem to react with the leader material.

Bob Mceneaney
5 months ago

Thanks Luke. I use the FG when I’m using a heavier leader than the braid. I understand you say only to use it that way. So I use the 6 turn surgeons knot when my leader is lighter than my braid. Happens often when bass fishing or when I need a little more abrasion resistance from a heavier braid. How much knot strength do you think I lose if I use the FG to attach a lighter test leader to a heavier rated or equal rated braid? Any tests on that?

5 months ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds

I routinely use 30 lb braid (my baitcaster works better with the thicker line) and 17 lb flourocarbon connected with the FG knot. I have had no problems even with big reds. I understand with this set up the strength of my line lies solely within the flourocarbon leader. My question, because of the line diameter differences, is the ability of the knot to cinch down and hold compromised?

Clay Jones
5 months ago

Your are probably aware that the IGFA did a study on the GT knot. .

They have a big disclaimer:

****Please Note•••• all the knots tested and rated by the IFGA were tied to a Bimini Twist mono leader line. There is no guarantee in any of the knot strength ratings unless you tie the knot using a Bimini Twist leader line. In this demonstration, I did not use a Bimini Twist Leader line. 

Based on “their scientific data” the GT out performed the FG using a 50lb mono.

However, Sport Fishing Magazine did similar test but had two categories: one for light line and one for heavy line. In the light line category, the Bobbin Knot came out on top, followed but an improved FG Knot and a regular FG knot. The GT Knot only won in the heavy line category.

This seems to support Salt Strong’s conclusion.

In personal experience casting a Bimini Twist in my line can hang up in guides when casting and can cause unexpected backlashes and even break offs. This fisherman will be sticking with the FG until further notice…

Ron Artigue
5 months ago

Hi Luke. Thanks for doing these tests for us. Have you ever tested the Trilene knot for both braid and mono?

5 months ago

Glad to get confirmation on the weakness of the GT. Seems like the figure 8 almost shears the braid under tension. Every tome I’ve tied this knot the braid fails inside the figure 8.

4 months ago


The IGFA testing that shows the GT knot as stronger than the FG knot requires tying it with the braid already started with a bimini twist. Did you test in this configuration?


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