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Should You Use Saliva When Cinching Down Fishing Knots? [Experiment]

Should you use saliva when cinching down fishing knots? It used to be necessary, but now that lines are higher quality, it might not...
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How To Catch Redfish In Coastal Creeks (On Incoming & Outgoing Tides)

What's the best tide to catch redfish in coastal creeks? Outgoing tides are great because fish congregate at the creek mouths, but incoming...
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GT Knot vs. FG Knot: Head To Head Knot Strength Experiment

Is the GT knot really stronger than the FG knot? See the surprising results of how these two knots compare in a knot strength test.
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Live Bait vs. Slam Shady: Flats Fishing Case Study

Want to know if live bait or Slam Shady works better for catching boat loads of trout on the flats? Check out this shocking case study!
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NEW TACKLE IS HERE! Salt Strong Tackle Store Update!

New fishing tackle is here! Check out the new fishing rods, reels, lures and more available on our shop. Plus see how you can save 20% on...
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The Smart Fishing Game Plan For This Weekend [Sep 11th – 13th]

This video shows a game plan that you can use to catch some great fish this coming weekend based on the recent trends and the...
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Slam Shady vs. Alabama Leprechaun: Best Times To Use Each Lure

Want to know when to go with the Alabama Leprechaun vs. the Slam Shady? The decision is based on water clarity and current, so if you're...
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Late Summer Exploration Trip [On The Water Tactics + Map Analysis]

On this trip report I went to fish an area where access had been closed off for some time due to Covid-19. Quick Details: Craft:...
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St. Croix Mojo Yak Fishing Rod Review (Pros, Cons, & Specs)

Have you ever used a fishing rod designed specifically for kayak fishing? Check out this review of the St. Croix Mojo Yak with it's short...
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Using Online Maps To Find Snook Spots in Texas [Spot Dissection – South Padre Island]

In this Spot Dissection we will be showing what to look for when targeting snook in South Texas. The area shown as an example in...
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How To Plan Better Fishing Trips In The Summer (1 Simple Tip)

Want to get in on a little secret for planning your summer inshore fishing trips? Since we know that fish are looking for cooler water, we...
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3 Reasons You Aren’t Where You Want To Be In Life Right Now

Ever felt like you aren't where you thought you'd be in life? You aren't alone. Here's three things I've struggled with personally as well...
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The Art Of Skiff Building (With Harry Spear)

Ever think about building your own boat? Learn about what makes a really good skiff and why building your own is easier than you think.
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Inner Circle Live Video Lesson and Q&A [9-10-20]

We had another great Inner Circle call this week! Here’s the recording of this week’s discussion: Conversation Log: 00.30- Tackle Packages for Inner Circle Members...
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Strong Angler Of The Week: Shawn Powell

Nothing like some sibling bonding over kayak fishing! Shawn and his son convinced his daughter to get out and try kayak fishing and they...
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