How To Plan Better Fishing Trips In The Summer (1 Simple Tip)


What are fish looking for when it gets really hot in the summer?

Cooler water.

When water gets extremely hot, dissolved oxygen levels get low, so fish move to find cooler water with more oxygen.

So when you’re fishing in the summer, if you want to find the fish, first find cooler water.

Some ways to do that include:

  • Looking for wind-blown shorelines
  • Looking for deeper water
  • Fishing near passes and inlets
  • Fishing early in the morning
  • Looking for areas with lots of current
  • Fishing after a rainstorm

But in this video, I’m going to give you a simple tip to plan your fishing trips and maximize some of the above factors.

I’ve used this strategy a lot this summer and it’s helped me have great mornings on the water with loads of fish.

Check it out below.

Simple Tip To Plan Better Summer Fishing Trips [VIDEO]

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When you’re planning your summer morning fishing trip, check the weather the night before.

If you notice it’s raining in a particular area and the wind is blowing from the west, then fish the western-facing shorelines there the next morning.

The wind and rain that have been hitting that area all night will cool off the water there more than other areas, so the fish there are more likely to be active.

You can also use the opposite of this strategy in the winter.

If there’s been a wind blowing from the west all night, cooling down the water, then fish the eastern-facing shorelines the next morning because the water is likely to be warmer there.

Have any questions about planning your fishing trip?

Let me know down in the comments!

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Steven Free
Steven Free
14 days ago

Wow for the first time Tony I’m unfortunately not agreeing with you on this one while it may work for you there in central fl where the water is pretty clear most of the year here in northeast fl where the water is the opposite and is murky most of the year the extra rain in an area quickly turns it into a very low visibility chocolate milk consistency so I usually avoid fishing these areas because even though I have found some fish in these areas I have never been able to get them to hit no matter what I throw at them I usually look for a little deeper and clearer water in an area if hit by wind and rain you have to remember where most of saltstrong members fish is central and South fl where the conditions are totally different then here we here have to apply different tactics then a lot of you guys there where you fish for example I’m always talking about using spinnerbait for reds and flounder a great bait in murky water where visibility is limited and heavier lines can be used not so much where you fish where the opposite is true light lines a must and clear visibility a spinnerbait is always better where max vibration and flash is needed because of the low visibility the water has anyways I think you understand your a smart guy but I have always said what works for some doesn’t always works for all and as far as trout goes that’s totally wrong reds yes but trout like clearer water and saltier water they can tolerate very little freshwater runoff a lot less then reds and flounder that around here can be quite plentiful in some of our brackish water areas of the st John’s river

Bill Milam
Bill Milam
15 days ago

That is a great tip, Tony, thanks! I will add this to my planning sessions.

Mark Klingler
Mark Klingler
17 days ago

Great info. I had never thought of considering wind and rain when trying to find the cooler water.


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