NEW TACKLE IS HERE! Salt Strong Tackle Store Update!


Fishing gear is finally here!

It’s been a rough summer for the fishing equipment industry since many of the factories had to shut down due to COVID-19.

Stores were wiped clean, shelves were empty, and online stores were bare!

But the good news is that this shortage seems to finally be ending and we have a ton of new equipment available in our online tackle store!

Check out this video where Mark will take you on a little tour of all the new gear we have in stock.


Fishing Tackle Has Arrived! [VIDEO]

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Here’s a preview of some of the new equipment we have available in the store:

Fishing line:

Fishing Reels:

Fishing Rods

Fishing Lures:

Fishing Hooks:



luke simonds salt strong redfish

Thank you so much for your patience with us as we’ve been getting everything in stock.

We just got word that another 30-40 items should be showing up later this week and we’ll get them up on the store asap!

Go to to start shopping and if you want to get 20% off (or more!) all of the gear in the store, then join us in the Insider Club!

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Rod Rice
3 years ago

It’s great that offer the in-line hooks in your store, but you should also offer quality split rings in sizes for the in-line hooks.

3 years ago

Great Choices of Products, Keep It Up Crew!

Ryan Jacobs
3 years ago

I forgot to also include some Sebile hard baits in my list below. I’ve been buying these at a local tackle shop, but would rather give the businbess to you.

Ryan Jacobs
3 years ago

Suggestion List:
Bubba Landing Net
Shimano Baitcasting Reels (specifically the Curado DC)
Diawa Baitcasting Reels (Coastal SV TW)
TFO Baitcasting Rods
Bull Bay Baitcasting Rods and…
I already bought one, but Boga Grips

Bob Mceneaney
3 years ago

How about the big shrimp mentioned in the podcast with Marcos? Think it was stated that there was something in the works to offer that product. Podcast was titled “How to catch overshot snook using these artificial shrimp”

Luke Simonds
3 years ago
Reply to  Bob Mceneaney

We’re still in development mode for that shrimp… making sure it’s the ultimate shrimp design before we go live with it.

Tom Marks
3 years ago

I am psyched! Great store selections… now I can get the Penn Long cast reel.

David Alejandre
3 years ago

Glad to see the inventory growing. Keep it up gents!

Rich A
3 years ago

I’ve purchased several high end reels and rods thru Saltstrong this year. Im looking for a Daiwa Certate LT c3000xh. Any plans on when those will come in or if an individual order can be placed?

3 years ago
Reply to  Rich A

Good choice I have the 3012H and 3500H Certate love those reels had my favorite 2506H with Fenwick World Class rod setup taken out of my rod holder by a big fish in Sebastian I felt like my right arm was ripped out, would love to replace that one. I am interested to see if we can get that series of reels also or any of Daiwa’s awesome reels. Check out the Luvias series Rich exact same specs as Certate but the roller bearing isn’t sealed easy to replace with sealed bearing when needed. I have the 3000H and for the price compared to Certate no brainer for me.

David Dyal
3 years ago

Glad to see a Florida company, Ande line, in the mix. Used it for decades.

Mark Weekley
3 years ago

new member. you guys are awesome! over whelmed with information and tips! Fished over 50 yrs, amazed, thank you for a personal touch.


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