St. Croix Mojo Yak Fishing Rod Review (Pros, Cons, & Specs)


If you fish sitting down in a kayak, then you’ve probably had the butt of your rod get caught on your PFD or shirt before…

It’s not too big of a deal if you’re just retrieving your lure, but if you’ve ever missed a hook set because you were too cramped in your kayak (or you never want that to happen!), then you’re going to love this kayak fishing rod.

St. Croix has created the Mojo Yak, a fishing rod with a short butt that’s designed to cater to kayak anglers.

I’ve been using it for a few months now and in this video I’m going to share my review of it.

I’ll share:

  • The rod specs
  • What I like (and don’t like) about it
  • What type of fishing this rod is best for (and when you should avoid it)
  • And more

We don’t accept sponsorships from any tackle companies so you can be sure that this is a totally honest and unbiased review.


Mojo Yak Fishing Rod Review [VIDEO]

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There are a lot of things to like about this rod, but also some things to be aware of before you buy it.

Here’s the breakdown of the pros and cons:

St. Croix Mojo Yak Pros:

  • High-quality rod (great Fuji real seat, Kiegan Double Hook keeper makes it easy to put up your hook, good Winn grips)
  • Great for jigging, making short and accurate casts, and skipping lures under docks
  • Short butt makes it easy to maneuver when sitting down
  • Excellent customer service
  • 5-year warranty

St. Croix Mojo Yak Cons:

  • Short butt makes it harder to make long casts
  • Short butt makes it not very balanced (which makes it hard for throwing topwater lures)
  • The fact that it’s unbalanced and has a short butt makes it hard to fight bigger fish



I’ve really enjoyed my St. Croix Mojo Yak fishing rod, but it’s not for everyone.

If you like finesse fishing in your kayak, then you’ll probably like this rod.

But if you need to make long casts, fight big fish, or throw topwater lures, then this rod might not be the one for you.

Have any questions about this rod?

Have you used it before?

Let me know down in the comments!

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Troy Pope
1 year ago

Wyatt – I have been interested in this blank (7’M) and it appears to me that you have the Daiwa Fuego LT on this rod in your video review. Would this be your recommendation? If so, would the 2500 be enough to offer some counterbalance to the blank?

Darrell Cintron
2 years ago

Loved the review. I am looking to purchase this rod, but am curious to learn if maybe a medium heavy rod might suit me better. Any thoughts? Pros and cons?

C. Lance Weaver
3 years ago

Wyatt great review, I have the 7’6″ yak mojo I love it great on my bigger topwater plugs and bigger baits. The down side is the butt of the rod(7″6″) it is actually longer from the reel seat to the butt and gets in the way of the PFD and I like an open hook keeper. All that being said I’ve fished with mine since March and great feel and it helps get the Bull reds in faster for a quicker release. I have two and they both get loaded in my Yak every time. Thanks for your efforts on the review. Love my St Croix rods.

Daniel Parsons
3 years ago

Thanks for the review Wyatt! I ended up ordering one the other day. After I looked at my confirmation, I realized I ordered the 7’6” medium light. Was looking for a rod for light inshore setup, was thinking medium. What are your thoughts on medium light . Thanks

3 years ago

Nice review Wyatt! One rod that I’ve been wondering about is the Lews tp-1 Inshore. Could you think about reviewing that one?


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