The Ideal Rod Length For Kayak Fishing (Based On Your Fishing Style)


Thinking about getting a new rod for your kayak fishing adventures?

One of the most important aspects is the rod length.

The rod length is important with any type of fishing, but it’s especially important with kayak fishing because, unlike a boat, there’s limited room on a kayak.

If you’re sitting down and fishing, the butt of the rod can get caught on your shirt or bump into your stomach, which could be disastrous if you’ve got one shot at the biggest fish of the day.

There are also fishing rods made specifically for kayak fishing, but after using them, I’ve found that they may not be ideal (I’ll explain why in the video).

If you need help choosing what size rod to get for kayak fishing, check out the video below.

Kayak Fishing & The Ideal Rod Length [VIDEO]

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When thinking about kayak fishing rods, the length depends on how you fish.

For me, I usually stand up and fish, so length doesn’t really matter.

I usually go with a 7 – 7.5′ rod because they cast farther and more accurately than some of the shorter rods.

However, these rods are hard to skip cast under trees or docks because the rod is so long and you’re so close to the water.

If you do a lot of skip casting, you’ll need to get really good at the sidearm cast.

However, if you usually sit and fish, you might want to go with a shorter rod that’s 6-7′ long.

This is because longer rods have longer butts, and a long rod butt might get in the way when you’re sitting down.

Of course, there are also kayak fishing rods with shorter butts, but I’ve found these rods with disproportionally short butts to be unbalanced.


The ideal rod length for kayak fishing depends on your style of fishing.

If you stand and fish, you can use your typical 7-7.5′ rod, but if you sit and fish it might be better to get a 6-7′ rod.

Have any questions about kayak fishing rods?

Let us know in the comments below!

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John Taylor
8 months ago

Just wondering if y’all have experience with Fenwick rods. I’ve been watching all the Rod/ reel set up videos y’all have on here and haven’t seen them mentioned. I kayak fish and am looking into a new rod and they caught my eye

8 months ago

I went through this Float tube fishing.
Now Kayak.
Float tube 10′, Kayak at least 9′.
Being so close to the water you need a longer rod to get the line up.
Think about it, standing and sitting in or just above the water !
Short rods will get your back cast in the water , ruining the whole project .

Omer Dumais
1 year ago

Well guys, I have watched Tony’s video and read all of the comments, clearly no one option fits all situation and anglers. So, in my yak, my solution is 4 rods, 2 at 7ft and 2 at 7.5ft. Like Tony commented, what you have gotten accustom to kind of trumps all the rest. More often casting distance is important, so at least 2 of my rods are longer for distance. Plus, the TFO pro rods have the length with shorter butt/handle ends, covering two key features.

matthew D Mercer
3 years ago

6’6″ is the ticket for me. It’s such a pain in the ass to retie or have to re run the line threw the guides on a bigger rod without dunking you reel.

Sam Pierson
3 years ago

I use 7-7.5 ft rods. Ive been happy with those. I can fish for crappie bass and little panfish with those sizes also. I actually use the same rods across the board.

Last edited 3 years ago by Sam Pierson
Pat Ogletree
3 years ago

Pretty much spot on! A couple of other considerations is your height and the type of lure you’re using. Because I’m short when I’m throwing a lure that requires a rod tip down presentation like topwater or sub surface hard jerk baits, I like a 6’6” to 6’9” rod to keep it from slapping the water. Rod tip up presentations like soft plastics then 7’ or 7’6” all the way. Next time I know I’m going to be skipping I’ll have to remember to bring a shorter rod and see how that works. Thanks for the tip.

Jamie Beadle
3 years ago

Only other suggestion is to make sure that the rod is long enough that with an easy arm reach you can clear the bow or stern of your kayak when a hooded fish runs to the other side.

Jochen Brosien
3 years ago

Great video Tony – one quick question is if there’s a difference between kayak rookies and experienced guys when it comes to the length?

Gary Rankel
3 years ago

Good stuff, Tony……the longer the rod and lighter the line, the farther the cast, so I use a 7 1/2 to 8 foot rod with 8 lb test braid. It casts a 3/8 oz lure a mile


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