New Gulp! Shrimp Translucent Lures (Do They Actually Work?)

Do you usually use Gulp! artificial lures to fish for inshore game fish?

Have you tried the new Gulp! translucent shrimp imitation lures?

Check out how these lures perform and if they are successful at catching fish below!!

Learn more here!!!

New Gulp! Shrimp Translucent Lures [VIDEO]

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Equipment Used:

Gulp! has introduced new translucent shrimp lures that are 3-inches in length and come in a few different colors.

In the big scheme of things, color doesn’t matter nearly as much as presentation.

Imitation Shrimp Presentations

Shrimp do not want to be found.

They are not a threatening prey and aim to blend into the environment around them.

The difference between a translucent shrimp lure and a lure that is solid in color is that the translucent lures will blend a lot better into the environment than solid lures.

In situations of tannic water or if you are close to freshwater run-off, the translucent shrimp lures will work well because the redfish or other species will have to hone in and hunt for their prey.

This applies especially to the fall heading into the winter because redfish are pushed up against mangroves or shoreline and they are stalking shrimp in the shallows.

Redfish aren’t looking for something that sticks out to them but something that is blending into their environment.

Some days redfish are willing to strike any lure, however, other days it is a bit harder to trigger strikes.

If you can use a translucent shrimp lure that allows light to pass through its body, it can blend into the surroundings more and pique the curiosity of a redfish to investigate.

Swimming A Gulp! Shrimp

Personal preference comes into play but using a jighead is best with Gulp! shrimp.

This lets you stay closer to the bottom for a longer period of time.

On the other hand, with an Owner Weighted Twistlock Hook, your lure is suspended and doesn’t sink down to the bottom quickly.

If you aren’t fishing near heavy structure or oyster beds, a jighead will work best because it keeps the lure down towards the bottom.

By popping your rod up quickly with your lure in the mud, the shrimp will jump out of the mud and catch the attention of redfish.

Redfish will be forced to investigate if there is a disturbance or a puff of sand that is churned up by your lure popping up.

Gulp! smell also allows redfish to pick up on your lure and strike.

You aren’t concerned with reeling these lures in very fast.

You want to pop it out of the mud and stay in the strike zone as long as possible.

This lure will work best in clear water or slightly stained water.

Moreover, the Gulp! translucent shrimp lure is a valuable sight fishing tool.

If you are fishing in dirtier water, then you should choose a lure that is solid in color.


Gulp! translucent shrimp look and act similarly to live shrimp in clear water or stained water scenarios.

Redfish have no choice but to investigate when you pop this lure out of the mud creating a small cloud of sand along with the powerful Gulp! scent.

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If you have any more questions on Gulp! shrimp lures, please ask me down in the comments!

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Robert Weller
5 months ago

Has Berlley changed the formula on the trans lucent shrimp

Luke Simonds
5 months ago
Reply to  Robert Weller

I haven’t heard of any recent formula changes. What differences are you seeing in them?

10 months ago

Which Dr. Juice was being spoken of, with the Power Prawn?

Joel Buckholts
1 year ago

I can tell you that the Gulp Translucent Shrimp in Sangria color saved our trip last week at Crystal River. Trout, reds nor snook wanted anything. My son broke his own rule, grabbed the popping cork rod and he had 6 trout in the boat in 8 casts. It was crazy. No other shrimp imitation or paddle tail could draw much of a strike.

Bruce Barton
2 years ago

justin, great video as usual… what jig head did you use

2 years ago

Translucent everything catches fish. No reason a gulp wouldnt.

J.T. Carricato
2 years ago

So besides all the talk about the plastic- did these Gulp shrimp produce? I may have missed it but just wondering if they actually work.

I am a huge fan of Gulp! in Chocolate Milk water here in SC because of the scent. So wondering if anyone can comment specifically if they have found these to produce results.

Karl Wittenzellner
2 years ago

Did you make the rod at the mudhole class? how is it working..

Pat Ogletree
2 years ago

Great video Justin! I like the looks of that Scooby color, especially for the clear winter waters we get here. I’ll have to pick some up.

I’ve been trying to ween myself off of Gulp! For a while now and almost successfully so. My major gripe was how delicate they were but this last pack of 3 inch shrimp I bought are tough. So tough in fact I couldn’t pinch the head off with my thumb nail to rerig it. I had to use my pliers to pinch it off. I caught three reds on the same lure and could have kept going. Hopefully this is a trend and not just a fluke. Have you noticed a difference in them?

Pat Ogletree
2 years ago
Reply to  Justin Ritchey

It does sound like they’re better now. Just a heads up, a few years ago they changed their formula and the lure was so soft they would fall apart even after one bite! It got really expensive using them so they lost a lot of customers, many of us Insiders stopped using them altogether. I’m glad they listened and made a change.

Lyle Crafton
2 years ago

One big advantage I think the power prawn has over the Gulp is durability. I like Gulps but so does everything that swims. Power prawns aren’t indestructible, but they do hold up a whole lot better than the Gulps. However, there are times where the fish are just dialed in on one specific thing. These Gulps might be worth trying out.

Mario Relvini
2 years ago

Those actually look more realistic than the other colors and can’t argue that the scent really works but man I hate using those gulp shrimp. The action is lame and I don’t have the patience for dead sticking. I bring some with me just in case I run into a school of black drum…then I love them haha. Good video Justin!


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