How To Catch Big Red Snapper Like A BOSS [VIDEO]


It’s Red Snapper Time!

Yes, the red snapper season (although a short one), is right around the corner so we wanted to share a quick snapper tip from Capt. Dylan Hubbard.

If you want to catch more red snapper than ever this season, watch the TWO videos below.

The first one is Capt. Dylan catching a red snapper from start to finish and the second one are some great red snapper tactics.


How To Catch Big Red Snapper [VIDEO]

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No cuts or re-takes and just like that, Capt. Dylan has himself a nice American Red Snapper!

And here’s Capt Dylan with three tips on catching red snapper this season.

Red Snapper Tips (Best Baits, Rig, & Spots)

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How To Find Red Snapper

hubbards marina big red snapper

If you’re struggling to find red snapper, here’s what to do:

Get the numbers for a public wreck or reef.

You can get these from a Top Spots chart found at any Bass Pro or tackle shop.

As you head towards the public wreck or reef and keep an eye on your bottom machine.

If you find fish on shell bottom 110 feet or deeper, stop because there are likely red snapper in the area.

In addition to the public wrecks, reefs, and shell bottom, you can find red snapper over springs and flat, hard bottom with potholes.

The Right Tackle For Red Snapper

hubbards marina red snapper

Red snapper can get big, and you don’t want to be overmatched by using small tackle.

Here’s what Capt. Hubbard recommends:

  • 6/0 reel
  • 60-80 pound main line
  • Double snell rig 6/0 to 7/0 circle hook
  • 4 foot leader
  • Egg sinker above the swivel

For the sinker, here’s Capt. Dylan’s rule of thumb:

If he’s using 60-pound line, he uses a 6 oz. sinker.

If he’s using 80-pound line, he uses an 8 oz. sinker.

And if he’s using 100-pound line, he uses a 10 oz. sinker.

Pro-tip #1: When you hit bottom you want to hold bottom.

You do this by moving with the boat.

For instance, if the boat goes up, move the rod tip down.

If the boat goes down, move the rod tip up.

This will help ensure your sinker isn’t bouncing up and down on the bottom.

Pro-tip #2: When you hit bottom, straighten out your leader.

You do this by lifting the rod tip up and the sinker up, allowing the current to straighten out your leader, and then setting the sinker back down on the bottom.

The Right Bait For Red Snapper

how to catch red snapper

Red snapper will take a variety cut, live and artificial baits.

Cut Bait:

Capt. Dylan catches a lot of red snapper on a long strip of cut squid.

It stays on the hook well and has enticing movement

When the red snapper are especially finicky, he’ll go to his secret weapon: a strip of bonito belly.

Bonito are oily, smelly fish, and make a delicious snack red snapper can’t turn down.

Live Bait:

  • Pinfish
  • Pigfish
  • Threadfin with a cut tail and belly cavity

Artificial Lures:

  • Vertical jigs
  • Nekid Ball Jigz


This was taken while we were filming Red Snapper Mastery, where Capt. Dylan Hubbard shares 90 years and 4 generations of red snapper secrets.

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Capt. Randy Reed. F/ V Reef Bandit
4 years ago

I’m a local captain in Fort Pierce awesome video send me more knowledge is power


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