How To Catch Red Grouper 101


It’s red grouper fishing time!

We’re going over how to catch Grouper with Capt. Dylan Hubbard!

Capt. Hubbard joined us to film an INCREDIBLE Grouper Mastery Fishing Course.

The video below is all about Red Grouper 101!

How To Catch Red Grouper 101 [VIDEO]

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Red Grouper Bait

Typically, the best bait to use for red grouper is squid wings that we cut into strips.

Strips of bait work excellently well for red grouper.

Anywhere from 1/2 inch to 3/4 inches in width and 6-12 inches in length is the ideal size.

Red grouper prefer to eat octopus if they can get it and the strips of squid mimic the tentacles of an octopus.

Squid also stays on the hook well and is simply more readily available than an octopus.

During different times of the year, the octopus can be visible on the surface.

In that case, swing them into your vessel and cut off the tentacles to use as bait.

You can even throw the head on a hook to use as bait too.

If you’re forced to fish with the entire squid, then it’s easier for a fish to steal off your hook.

If possible, always fish with squid strips for red grouper rather than the entire bait.

Certain times of the year make it difficult to get squid wings for every trip.

Additionally, live pinfish, pigfish, or cut-bait works great for targeting these fish.

Even lizard fish or spot tails can be cut up and thrown out for red grouper.

Cut-dead bait tends to work best in the warm summer months.

Red grouper are scavengers looking around for scraps of dead bait to eat.

Anything with a good amount of oil and stink in the water will crush red grouper.

Rigging Cut-Bait For Red Grouper

First, take the baitfish you have on board and cut the head and tail off the bait leaving the midsection only.

Trim off the very bottom of the belly portion to open up the fish and release the oils and odors within.

Now you’re left with a perfect chunk of bait to use with the belly cavity cut open to attract the grouper.

The rigging technique I prefer to use is called a Double-Snell Rig.

The bottom hook of the rig goes down toward the thicker end of the bait right along the change in color of the fish.

A change in color or lateral line indicates the backbone of the fish.

Pull the hook out the other side and turn the hook so it is now parallel with the silver/blue line of the baitfish.

Place the second hook the same way just a 1/4 of an inch higher toward the skinnier end of the fish.

Now you have a perfect, straight-hanging piece of bait with two hooks so wherever that fish bites, it’s hooked.

You’ll also notice the skinny end of the bait is closest to the rod tip.

As the bait falls to the bottom, it won’t spin at all and will drop faster to the bottom.

You can do the same Double-Snell Rig with squid strips as well.

Also, you can even leave a bit more space between the hooks on squid strips to increase your chances of hooking up.

Preparing For Strikes

You may start to feel bites immediately after dropping your baits down to the bottom.

Don’t jerk the fishing rod or try to set the hook.

Instead, wait for the fish to take off with the bait.

When waiting for a bite, I like to keep the line between my thumb and forefinger.

That gives you a much better feel for the bait on the bottom.

During the summer months, red grouper tend to be a bit more lethargic and won’t smack the bait.

Sometimes they’ll just come and inspect the bait and a slight lift of the rod tip gets them to bite.

Red Grouper Habitat & Behavior

Typically, red grouper are going to hang out near a flat with hard bottom in and around potholes and cutouts in the bottom.

Red grouper are more foragers that won’t necessarily ambush your bait.

These fish are scavengers and will cover a larger area to hunt for crustaceans and small shrimp.


Red grouper are so fun to catch and you don’t need much to find them!

If you can get squid strips, that is best but other baitfish and finfish will work great.

Look for areas with hard bottom littered with potholes and cutouts for these fish to hide in!!

What other questions do you have about how to catch red grouper 101?

Do you have any questions about the course???

Let us know in the comments!!

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Shawn OMalley
2 months ago

When is grouper in season n whats the size limits

A Rollins
3 months ago

Dylan’s presentation covers much more than the red grouper.
I find that if you want to target red grouper octopus and squid baits or artificial lures that mimic them.
On another note, red grouper are plentiful, and the new regulations are unwarranted.

Gerard Amitrano
3 months ago

Never saw the bait rigging for those fish , interesting. Thanks

Pablo Diaz
3 months ago

Nice video and tips. Definitely a great course to watch!!!

Robert Stewart
3 months ago

Enjoyed your narrative, Dylan. My best to you and your brother Mike. Merry Christmas.

Joseph Simonds
3 months ago

Good stuff, Dylan


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