How To Set Your Boat Anchor Like A Pro (And Not Spook Fish)


Stop spooking away all of the fish when you’re anchoring!!

If you want to set your anchor like a pro and not spook away all of the fish, slow down…

You never want to drop your anchor quick, trust me.

In this new video, see a demonstration of how to drop your boat anchor properly.

Check it out!

How To Set Your Anchor Like A Pro [VIDEO]

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Let your anchor down really slow to allow your anchor to go first, NOT your chain.

If you just throw it over the side of your boat, your anchor is going to tumble in the water.

And your chain is going to tumble and it can get tangled together.

What a mess!

Also, I use the least amount of anchor chain possible because it’s really hard to set down a lot of chain and not spook fish.

Once you let your boat anchor down softly, let line out and drag it really slowly to get a good set!

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Have any questions about setting your boat anchor?

Let me know down in the comments!

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David Lee Kalb Jr.
2 months ago

I understand this is for inshore fishing. What if I was in one hundred feet of water? That would take a long time to let out, at a slow rate. I usually drop up wind, or current, of my spot. Let the wind, or current, carry me to it. Some times letting out up to six hundred feet. I have ten feet of chain with fifty pound anchor. I’m new to big boating. Maybe a twenty eight foot boat was too much. Is my anchoring practice wrong? Am I doing it right? Please give me advice.

Carlos Cuevas
2 months ago

Good afternoon,

Hope you are all safe and well. The videos are not showing up. I have tried three different browsers and they all show a blank space where the video should be.

Courtney Woznek
2 months ago
Reply to  Carlos Cuevas

Hi Carlos! Have you tried clearing your cache and restarting your computer?

2 months ago

NIce tip Peter!!! Nice breakdown


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