Winter Trout Fishing In Creek Systems

What indicators reveal where the trout will be during the wintertime in creeks?

How should you target seatrout in creeks during the colder months?

Check out everything you need to know for catching winter trout in creeks down below!!

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Winter Trout Fishing In Creek Systems

Water Depth & Tide Cycle

It is important to take into account the water depth and what part of the tide cycle you plan on fishing.

You want to focus your fishing in creeks with about 6 feet of water or more at low tide.

The reason is trout at this time of year like deeper water and will most likely stay where they are for the remainder of a tide cycle if the water levels are deep.

This time of year, outgoing tides are typically the best tide to fish for trout.

If you have the time and can fish the lower third of the tide, try to get out and fish during that time.

This is because fish at this time of the year will feed maybe once a day or maximum twice a day.

Especially with regards to creek systems, trout are staged in deeper holes waiting for the bait to be swept off the flats and into their mouths.

Areas with structure such as oysters or ledges that link up to a flats drain are areas of particular interest.

Usually, there will be pockets of deeper water connected to the drain where the trout will be waiting for bait to flow in off the flat.

Trout are able to ambush bait coming off of the flat and exert as little energy as possible.


Your boat, kayak, or trolling motor can spook a school of trout if you get too close to them.

You want to make sure you are within casting distance of the deeper holes but still far enough from the trout to not startle them.

By not putting any pressure on the fish, you can catch more and avoid spooking them.

Winter Trout Fishing In Creek Systems [VIDEO]

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Equipment Used:


Trout during this time of year are stacked up in larger schools and are very predictable.

If you stay on top of current trends and find areas with the structure shown in the video, you will catch more trout this winter!

Remember not to get too close to the schools of fish or else you will spook them!

Do you have any questions or suggestions about fishing for winter trout in creeks?

Let me know down in the comments!

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Rick Daniel
2 years ago

Thanks for the tips and nice touch with the illustration!

2 years ago

Was fishing a spot just like this in Beaufort SC this week, Fished without much success on the tidal flats where I live so we paddled down to the drain into deep water and ran into a school of trout on the oyster shelf’s next to the dropoff. It’s a bit of a paddle back against tide but worth the extra effort. Appreciate having a fish finder on my kayak to find these pockets for both the deep of winter and cooler water in the summer.

Pat Ogletree
2 years ago

Good stuff Richard!
Looks like you found a nice group of them.

Ben Bakas
2 years ago

Hi Richard, couple quick questions. What type of hook did you have on your artificial lure? Was there any bait or birds visible at that specific spot (I think I heard you say you saw finger mullet)? Also, were you fishing the wind blown side of the creek? Thanks again for all your support.

Ben Bakas
2 years ago
Reply to  Richard Thomas

Thanks Richard for the feedback. Greatly appreciated.

Marshall Watchinski
2 years ago

Great video lesson Richard..✌🏼

2 years ago

Are these pointers the same everywhere? Winter and cold water is different in northern NC and southern FL. What do you consider cold water?

Kenneth Whiting
2 years ago

Be interesting to see a spot dissection on this same topic on the Pamlico and Bay rivers in North Carolina.

Michael Connelly
2 years ago

Nice work! Thanks you!!


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