This Is How You Fish The Shallows In A Bay Boat Without A Trolling Motor!

By: Luke Simonds on February 22, 2019
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shallow water bay boat

Have you had trouble targeting shallow water fish when fishing from a bay boat without a trolling motor?

I certainly had many skunk trips when fishing from boats without trolling motors over the years.

But I eventually learned some very helpful tactics over the years that have totally changed my results.

This past week some Super Community Memebers and I went out on a Freedom Boat Club boat to see if we could catch a slam.

However, the odds were stacked against us:

  1. We were in foreign territory (none of us had fished the area in a long time)
  2. We were in a bay boat without a trolling motor or Power Pole
  3. The tide was very weak the entire time we fished (red box below)

bad tide to fish

So is it better to wait for a better time to go fishing?

Or just go and make the best out of the conditions?

Check out the video below to find out…

Shallow Water Bay Boat Fishing Trip

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2 Takeaways

What did you think?

By following the trends, we were able to catch a slam even in these tough conditions.

This proves two things:

  1. Fish consistently react to their environment given certain conditions… so if you know their behavior patterns, you can catch them even during weak tides.
  2. The best time to go fishing is whenever you can… don’t wait for “perfect” conditions you’ll miss out on a lot of fun fishing.

3 Conservation Tips

Did you catch the conservations tips? Here they are, in case you missed them:

  1. Wet the boat surface so you can lay fish down without messing up their outer coat.
  2. Be mindful to trim up the motor and ensure the blades are above the grass (not just above the bottom),
  3. Make sure people are in the front of the boat when you’re leaving a spot. This will weigh the front of the boat down, which will help lift the prop above the seagrass.


If you follow the trends and get out there, you can catch fish even in tough conditions.

Have any questions about fishing without a trolling motor?

Have any extra conservation tips?

Let me know in the comments below!

P.S. – If you have a fishing buddy who doesn’t have a trolling motor, TAG or SHARE this with him!

P.P.S. – Gene Hammond (featured in this post) is organizing a great fishing tournament that is raising money for supporting our active duty veterans and first responders in Tarpon Springs, FL next weekend (March 2nd).

Here’s a link to learn more about it:

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Eric Gundrum
Eric Gundrum

Who makes the quietest trolling motor? Mine make a “whirlling” noise…


Thanks y’all. These same principals could be used from a Kayak.

Byron Quinley

Great vid. Thanks for sharing. One thing I noticed is that y’all were not right against the shoreline/mangroves. My wife thinks that we need to “beat the bank” in order to fish structure. This shows that the flat is structure itself. Well done. Be safe.

Roy Noblin

good report and i wish everyone would do as you say and be careful of the grass. in ozello ans st martin river there is huge drifts of it because people fly across the grass chopping it up as they go. on that tide you show is my favorite time to fish. a light incoming current with hiding spots is where the trout will be. let the wind and current drift you across and catch fish. red’s and snook are fun, but for some reason i really like the feel of a good trout on my line. i get almost as excited as otis 🙂


What do you think of this fishing line. OMNIFLEX BY ZEBCO


Nice video. Only legitimate excuse not to be fishing is lightning. Like how you all tried covering the entire water column. Fastest way to find the fish. Also, trust your intuition. Thank you.