9 Interesting Animals That Reveal Redfish, Snook & Trout Honey Holes


Gators, and sharks, and birds…oh my!!!

There are 9 creatures that can be dead giveaways for helping you find redfish, trout, and snook spots.

So if you want some really cool shortcuts to finding honey holes, then use these 9 animals/creatures that we share in this episode to show you the way.

A couple of animals, in particular, have been 100% spot-on for catching fish every time we’ve seen them on or near the shoreline.

The best news is that this can be used for shore anglers (wading), kayaks, or boats.

Check it out below!

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9 Creatures That Reveal Where Fish Are [VIDEO]

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9 Creatures That Reveal Where Fish Are [PODCAST]

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You can follow the timestamped table of contents here:

  • 1:03 – Raccoons on the shorelines (what does that mean?)
  • 3:11 – A raccoon’s diet is similar to inshore species
  • 5:26 – What is a sea roach? And how creepy does this look?
  • 6:51 – Wyatt gets extra-scientific and you’ve got to hear it!
  • 7:41 – Sheepshead will be around when you find these
  • 9:23 – What can stingrays tell you about a fishing spot?
  • 11:08 – Snook and redfish like to follow stingrays
  • 12:29 – Here is a good indicator that cobia are off the beach
  • 13:59 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Can you name all 4?)
  • 15:10 – Turtles = Healthy seagrass = Inshore fish
  • 18:36 – Egrets versus herons
  • 19:18 – Blue herons can help you identify how deep the water is on the shoreline
  • 21:54 – Roseate spoonbills forage for crustaceans and so do…
  • 26:12 – If you see this bird, stop and fish around them!
  • 26:52 – Gators can tell you where the fish are. Go Gators!
  • 28:34 – Yes, there ARE crocodiles in South Florida
  • 30:41 – SHARK! Predators don’t want to be in a dead zone either
  • 31:24 – Bonnetheads, bull sharks, and blacktip sharks
  • 33:05 – Sharks on topwater lures?
  • 34:12 – There are 25,200 of this creature & they’ll tell you where the fish are!
  • 35:15 – Loons or other diving birds are typically around fish
  • 38:28 – Please don’t feed the birds…please.
  • 40:38 – If you see ospreys, follow them. They know the fishing spots!
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raccoons by the water

There are many ways to find fish.

But a telltale sign is to look for the animals that feed on the same things that redfish, speckled trout, flounder, and snook eat.

What are some other interesting creatures that lead you to fish?

Let me know down in the comments!

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Marc Wisniewski
1 year ago

Unique topic.

I was shore fishing out of a rental mini van in siesta key years ago. A guy walks up and asks if I had shrimp in my van. I figured he wanted a couple. I said, ya do you need a couple? He says, No, but you should probably close the back door…. I go back there and there is an Egret IN my van eating the shrimp out of my Styrofoam bucket…

Jerry Dexter
1 year ago

I did not know what to do around dolphins, Thanks

1 year ago

Appreciate the podcasts guys but may I suggest they be shorter? So much redundancy is not always helpful

Art Heiter
1 year ago

Another very interesting discussion based on shared experiences from years on the water in many diversified bodies of water. Great topic!

Rob S
1 year ago

Twenty-five percent of the 2,000 American crocodiles that now live in the United States call Turkey Point Nuclear Power Plant their home . . . https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/florida-crocs-are-thriving-outside-nuclear-power-plant-180972712.

Ikijime Jimmy
1 year ago

Great podcast guys, very good tips on all kinds of critters. Thanks

george (Bill) Wyatt
1 year ago

Listened this morning and what a bunch of wusses, LOL. No one wants to touch a sea roach! Sea roaches are isopods (crustaceans) related to shrimp, lobsters, barnacles, etc., and are dynamite bait for sheepshead.

 Cons are, they are hell to catch, very fast, we would use a wet towel to throw on top of them. Also, they are pretty soft and easily stolen off the hook but sheepshead love them.

 I don’t know if you have alligator gar in Florida but in Texas an association has been observed between them and spotted sea trout. Usually seen in the winter time when our water is the clearest. 4 or 5 foot gar 
have been observed laying in deeper guts near the marshes and flats almost in a catatonic state and several nice trout will be seen laying near them. I have not heard a plausible explanation of the relationship. Perhaps it’s as simple as a gar providing structure for the few prey species that are present during the colder months and the trout taking advantage. 

 Manatees are occasional visitors in Texas and much more numerous in FL. Seen any associations with them and game fish?

 Also, y’all mentioned several birds. In Texas the snowy egrets (white body, black bill and legs & bright yellow feet) along an emergent grass line in shallow water can be a real indicator of nearby fish pushing prey into shallow water. They don’t seem to like each other much. If you see several nearby each other they are either fighting, feeding or perhaps mating. Worth a stop if you see an aggregation of egrets.

Wyatt Parcel
1 year ago

Very interesting intel on the Gar, Bill! Hopefully one day I’ll work up the courage to touch a sea roach hahahaha!

richard green
1 year ago

best day i ever had was in a bay where a dolphin was chasing bait fish [hugh boils] in the channel about 100 yds away i caught 4 40 + redfish 6 overslot snook a 32in blue fish and a bunch of smaller reds and snook didnt keep count because the big ones blew me away

George Layton
1 year ago

Great podcast fellas !! So many folks point at birds & admire them but, don’t realize what’s under them !!!


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