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Do you know everything you need on your inshore fishing checklist?

Did you know you could use your saltwater lures to catch bass?

And you’ve got to see the results of the new mono vs fluoro abrasion contest!

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  • What boat accessories every angler needs
  • The best lures to catch early fall inshore slams
  • How to catch sharks on topwater lures
  • The best bait and rig for catching redfish at the jetties
  • 9 animals that give away fishing honey holes

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Shocking Results! New Mono vs Fluoro Line Abrasion Contest

It's always a debate whether mono or fluoro is a better leader material. But which one truly stands up to abrasion and will help you land...
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The 3 Most Important Boat Accessories For Anglers

What are your most valued boat accessories as an angler? If you don't have these three things, then you may be missing out on fish or...
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This Is When You Should Replace Your Fishing Line

How long has it been since you replaced your fishing line? Whether it's mono, fluoro, or braid, your fishing line only lasts so long and...
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How To Catch Big Sharks On Topwater Lures (And Best Rigging)

If you've never caught sharks on topwater lures, you aren't living! It's is such an adrenaline rush and tons of fun, but if you don't use...
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The Inshore Fishing Checklist (Everything You Need To Bring)

Do you make a checklist before you go fishing? Chances are you've forgotten something a time or two but if you know what to put on your...
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How To Quickly Catch An Inshore Slam [New Exploration Trip Report]

See some tips on how to quickly catch an inshore slam when exploring new waters on a short trip under 3 hours long.
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The Best Bait & Rig For Catching Redfish At The Jetty

If you want redfish in numbers or big bulls, go to the jetties! But make sure you have the best baits and the perfect rig or you may get...
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The Best Lure To Use For Catching Bonnethead Sharks On The Flats

If the bite is slow for trout and reds during the summer, a fun thing to do is target bonnethead sharks on the flats. But you need the...
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The 3 Lures You Need To Catch Early Fall Inshore Slams

We'll be making the transition soon from summer to early fall and that means BIG baits! So you'll want to make sure your lures match the...
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How To Catch Bass On The Best Saltwater Lures (Line, Rigs & Tactics)

Can you use the same inshore setup and lures for bass that you use for redfish, snook, and trout? If you know which lures to use and where...
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Quick Slam In Tampa Bay – Insider Report Details

See the Insider Report details from the quick slam trip while exploring some new waters in Tampa Bay that recently got hit by red tide.
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Where To Target Bull Reds In Inlets and Passes [Spot Dissection]

In this Spot Dissection we will be discussing where and when to target bull reds in inlets and passes. The area shown as an example...
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9 Interesting Animals That Reveal Redfish, Snook & Trout Honey Holes

If you ever spot these creatures near your spot, stop and fish around them! They are a dead giveaway that predator fish are nearby...
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The Weekend Game Plan Strategy [August 27th to 29th]

See the top strategy for catching inshore slams this weekend based on the latest feeding trends as well as the upcoming tides & weather.
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Inner Circle Live Q&A 8-26-21 [Open Q&A]

We had a great Inner Circle call this week! Here’s the recording of this week’s discussion: Discussion Log: • 0:00:30 – Tackle Shop update (Jigs...
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