The Best Lure To Use For Catching Bonnethead Sharks On The Flats


Bonnethead sharks will only eat live bait on the flats, right?

Well, the Alabama Leprechaun proved that theory WRONG!

And when the redfish, trout, and snook are finicky, the bonnetheads are easy to spot and not as spooky.

So in this new video, learn some tactics for using the Alabama Leprechaun jerk bait to sight cast for bonnethead sharks (and have tons of fun)!

Check it out below!

The Best Lure For Bonnethead Sharks [VIDEO]

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For years, I didn’t think it was possible for bonnethead sharks to hit lures.

I just assumed that they would only eat natural live baits on the flats because these sharks were never interested in an artificial.

But recently I found a lure that is surprisingly effective!

Bonnethead sharks are the only shark species that is an omnivore.

So they can survive on plant and animal matter.

They are on the shallow flats all of the time foraging for crustaceans like crabs and shrimp.

And looking at the underwater footage of the Alabama Leprechaun, the action of this lure looks like a scared shrimp darting up out of the seagrass.

If you want to sight cast for them, make a cast ahead of them so there’s enough time to drop to the bottom.

As the shark gets inches away, do a quick twitch, and GAME ON!!

It’s a ton of fun!

Tactics For Catching Bonnethead Sharks On The Flats (With Lures)

The lure needs to be as weedless as possible.

Use an Owner Twistlock Hook in a 3/0 or 4/0 size (1/16 oz or 1/8 oz) and skin hook the point so you don’t get snagged on the weeds.

Also, add some scent like Dr. Juice Saltwater Slam Scent to get them fired up!

Lastly, when handling sharks, keep your hands away from their mouth.

This may sound obvious but the worst thing you can do is to grab the tail and think it’s far enough away.

Make sure you grab them center mass on the top of their body between their dorsal fin and head.

And use pliers to get the hook out!


bonnet head shark on artificial shrimp lure

These sharks are a fun fight and easy to catch if you have the right lure!

The next time you’re out on the flats and see these sharks, cast out an Alabama Leprechaun and hold on tight.

You can get these lures from our shop here:

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Have any questions about how to use the Alabama Leprechaun in this or any other scenario?

Are there other lures you have found that work well for catching bonnethead sharks?

Let me know down in the comments!

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richard green
2 years ago

caught a 5 footer on my paddleboard to big to grab with my hand so i kept him alongside and gingerly and carefully used my dehooker to get the hook out would appreciate any help on how to do it when u latch into a bigger one, it was a tense 10 minutes trying to keep my hand safe

2 years ago

Bonnet head sharks are good to eat!

Jeremy Fine
2 years ago

Awesome video, are you still running 10lbs braid and a 20lbs leader?

Jason Duncan
2 years ago

Super glad you made a shark video! I target small sharks. My family loves them. I like to just chop them up into little “steaks” and grill them. I wish there were more shark videos.

Guy Grundy
2 years ago

That’s interesting,Luke.I’ve caught bull sharks here on the Myakka with live shrimp but with say a Top Dog Jr, they’ll always go after it… then always pull out just as they’re inches away. Perhaps they’ll go after soft lures but not hard? Maybe each skark species is different ? Questions, questions….

2 years ago

I’ve caught them on gulp shrimp and pearl slam shady

2 years ago

I’m new to this club. Really enjoyed the video. Thanks Luke

2 years ago

I love the fact that you guys are not the least bit “snobby” about what you fish for. Such a refreshing viewpoint to hold that confirms the fact that many species offer superb fishing opportunities. The sharks are awesome to watch, and I can now look forward to catching a few to add to my bucket list. Thank you for such informative and enlightening material. So glad I became an Insider!

Last edited 2 years ago by John Policastro
Guy L.
2 years ago

Great tip Luke, thanks! Like you, I enjoy catching Bonnetheads from my kayak but couldn’t find a “Go to” lure for any consistency. They are a ton of fun to catch and I’ve discovered that it’s a great fish to put newcomers and family/friends on that are down here visiting. They put up a great fight and are easy to handle (I handle them the same way you do) and make for great pics and a fun story afterwards.

2 years ago

That was awesome, lol! What kayak/boat were you on!?


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