The Best Bait & Rig For Catching Redfish At The Jetty


It’s jetty fishing time!

You can catch a ton of quality redfish at the jetties.

And some really nice bulls too!

But you’ll need to have the right bait and rigs if you want to be successful.

Learn about the best baits and rigs to use in this new video.

Check it out!

Best Bait & Rig For Redfish At The Jetty [VIDEO]

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This is my favorite setup to use when I’m going after redfish of all sizes at the jetties.

Smaller Baits For Redfish In Numbers

Finger mullet are great baits for smaller and slot redfish.

And I use a smaller circle hook (like a 3/0 or 4/0) for this size of baitfish.

Larger Baits For Bull Redfish

When I want to catch larger reds, my go-to bait is a pogie (AKA menhaden or bunker).

You can also use a threadfin or a large mullet.

A 5/0 circle hook is perfect for this sized bait.

Always remember to match your hook size to your bait size!

Rigging For Redfish At The Jetty

Larger baits are going to get picked at by smaller fish.

To keep your bait around for the longest amount of time and intact as best as possible, hook it through the bottom of the mouth and bring it through the top of their skull.

For smaller baits, you can hook the same way but since it’s not as oily, rip the tail off for extra scent.

If you hook through the body, it will helicopter in the water.

The rig itself is simple.

Your circle hook is secured to a 10 inch, 50# mono leader that ties to a snap swivel.

Use a pyramid weight on the snap swivel. (You want to be able to change out your weights quickly based on current.)

More current = 4/5/6 oz pyramid weight

Lighter current = 2 oz pyramid weight

Your 30# main line braid should be secured to your swivel with a modified uni knot.

Here’s how to tie a modified uni knot!


redfish at the jetties

Whether you want to catch redfish in numbers or big bulls, the jetties are a great place to get tight lines!

Bring the right rigs and best baits, and your drag will be screaming in no time!

Have questions about this rig setup?

What’s your biggest red at the jetties?

Let me know down in the comments!

And if you know someone who wants to try jetty fishing, please TAG or SHARE this with them!

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1 year ago

Whats a good size reel to use?
Also what rod action and strength?
New to all this . Thank you everyone.

John Gorczyca
2 years ago

Tried using frozen finger mullet but they get mushy when thawed and I don’t seem to be able to keep them on the hook. Anyone have any suggestions? I’m thinking frozen is not the way to go. Really appreciate your videos, Wyatt. Great info.

Dan Reffett
2 years ago

Great tips Wyatt! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and expertise!

Gary Brady
2 years ago

Wyatt what rod and reel are you using?

Al Schellhorn
2 years ago

Great video Wyatt – as usual. Do you think chunks of fresh ladyfish are as effective, or not so much?

Josh Mitchell
2 years ago

Do you ever use spider weights? When do you think is the appropriate time for one? Great video I’ll be trying this rig soon

Mike Nelson
2 years ago

I’m in Galveston ,looking for Big reds, what size Rod to use ( Suf rode?).

Buzz Butters
2 years ago

Nice Wyatt, very informative.
I travel around the country for work and see a lot of jetties and anglers fishing the jetties. I’m going to pack my 3 piece spin and with some of your techniques give it a try. So if I’m new to a coastal city how do I go about finding these jetties? Google bait shops and call them (tried it in the past and wasnt real successful). Any other ideas? Buzz

Donald James
2 years ago

What rod, reel and line are you using?

Jerry Dexter
2 years ago

Thanks for the video, Wyatt, Where are you fishing?


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