Is Technology Killing Fishing?


This is going to be a fun one!

New technology is a hot topic in any industry, and fishing is no different…

We did a webinar recently that was all about finding the best fishing spots using online maps.

Ninety-five percent of the feedback was outstanding… most anglers not only learned a lot but absolutely loved learning about all of the cool hidden tools that you can use to find new spots using online satellite maps.

However, we also got a few negative comments (mostly from salty old fishermen who apparently still use cane poles and mono line) telling us that technology is ruining the sport of fishing.

Specifically, they were saying that they had to learn the hard way and now we’re giving weekend warriors a shortcut.

But here’s the deal:

Using online maps (new technology) is a shortcut to spending hours on the water looking for a good fishing spot.

In the same vein, using a Power-Pole (new technology) is a shortcut to picking up and dropping a heavy, noisy anchor.

Same with fish finders (which is a type of technology).

A good fish finder is certainly a shortcut to quickly understanding what the bottom looks like below your boat or kayak (and much more efficient than sticking your head under with a mask).

But most would say that neither Power-Pole nor fish finders are hurting the sport of fishing, right?

If anything, these technologies in fishing help you ENJOY fishing more.

But where do we draw the line?

Well, Luke and I are decided to dive deep into this topic on the podcast today and we have some special announcements about some fun things coming up, too!

Since we do a lot of screen sharing in this episode, I’d definitely recommend watching the video version of this podcast, but you can also listen to it by clicking the play button below the video, or on iTunes, Stitcher, or Spotify.


Is Technology Hurting Fishing? [VIDEO]

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Is Technology Hurting Fishing? [PODCAST]

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Mentioned links:

➡ Smart Fishing Spots

➡ Webinar

Smart Fishing Spots

best fishing spots

Here’s the thing about fishing spots: they’re static.

Spots don’t move.

But fish do.

They’re moving based on the weather, time of year, tide cycle, and many other factors.

If you want to get great at finding “good fishing spots,” then you need to understand why fish move and where they’re likely to be.

You need to understand the trends.

And that’s why we created Smart Fishing Spots.

In this system, we dissect fishing spots via online maps and identify trends to help you know where and when the fish are most likely to be so that you can go and find a similar area near to fish near you.

And then, we go out on the water and share with you exactly where we fished, and what we did right and wrong on the trip.

Sounds pretty awesome, right?

If you want more information on Smart Fishing Spots, check out the link below

➡ Smart Fishing Spots

Smart Fishing Tides

best day to go fishing

Have you seen the Strike Score?

The screenshot above is from the Strike Score, which tells you when the best day to go fishing.

But we’ve got something even better coming.

We’re about to release Smart Fishing Tides, which is like the Strike Score on cattle steroids.

Here’s the problem…

If I’m going fishing I have one app for the Strike Score, one app for the radar, one app for the hourly weather, one app for tides, and one app for the map.

Smart Fishing tides will consolidate all of that information into one app, so you can quickly see everything you need to know in one glance.

Isn’t that sick?!

We’re releasing it soon, so stay tuned for updates on that!


Hope you enjoyed that episode!

What are your thoughts on technology and fishing?

What is cheating?

Where is the line?

Do you know of any products that are crossing that line?

Also, what are your thoughts on Smart Fishing Tides and Smart Fishing Spots?

Let us know in the comments below!

If you want to watch the webinar mentioned in the episode, you can click here, and if you want to join the Insider Club and get Smart Fishing Spots, click here.

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Gaylord Randel
2 years ago

Ok, I see by the comments that this is an 11 month old podcast. You seem to have recovered but I would still like to know if it affected your catch ratio.

Luke Simonds
2 years ago
Reply to  Gaylord Randel

Haha! Yes, this was recorded before my covid hair started growing out of control. It seems as if the catching gets better as the hair gets longer, so I’m continuing to let it grow.

Gaylord Randel
2 years ago

Luke, the beard and mullet are gone. Are you sick? Please tell me it hasn’t affected your catch rate.

James McKinney
3 years ago

Thanks guys. I am excited about the new features you talked about. I use at least two apps for every trip and some times more. Having it all in one place is consolidating tech that already exists in a more usable format. I am so glad I joined and became a member of this community of truly nice helpful members, When we share – we all get better at this and have more fun- That is the point Right?

Rich Despault
3 years ago

Excellent Podcast. Personally I don’t see the guides complain about using the 12″ or 32″ GPS screen with the latest and greatest update from Navionics with side shoot sonar at a cost of $2,000 to $4,000 . Both gives you a great advantage in finding fish. Same as using free on line maps.

Robert Knowles
3 years ago

A drone is just being lazy. It’s no different than shooting deer in a pen. If you have a drone zoning in on fish it is more than 50% of the task. That’s more like 90. And I could tell by the way Luke danced around drones he doesn’t like them either. But if what you guys are providing the public is considered cheating, then students shouldn’t be allowed to study for a test. Salt Strong is teaching you how to find fish, a drone is finding fish. But I will add, most of the guys who use the drones, don’t keep the fish, they are CPR (catch photo release). We all just need to be better stewards of the resources we have. Look at some of Tony’s post, you sometimes see a black bag in his kayak, it’s trash that he has picked up. That has me doing it. We all should. Great podcast.

Dean Carter
3 years ago

Absolutely not…No different from advancing from hand lines to cane poles to fiberglass rods to graphite rods, etc, etc, etc….sort of a ridiculous argument, respectfully, by all means.

Dan McNulty
3 years ago

Luke hit it one the head. Tech isn’t killing fishing…POLLUTION IS! Clean water and regulations regarding commercial fishing has the ability to restore our fisheries……I look forward to the day that we have trouble finding a spot with our on line maps that isn’t overcrowded with fisherman because the fish population is back.

Sybren Smith
3 years ago

I would like to point out one simple fact of our human heritage:

“Technology” is what put us at the top of the food chain.

Before the very first stick was sharpened and used to spear a salmon in a stream by our “less technologically inclined” ancestors, WE were the prey.

Since those times, we now know how to hunt and harvest anything on the planet that we want – because of technology.

So as long as we manage the wildlife that we have control and superiority over, it’s not the technology that we control and keep improving that is a bad thing.

The thing that we need to learn how to control is ourselves. We are the stewards of our planet now because of technology. Tech is a good thing…when used judiciously and in moderation. Just because we CAN catch and kill every fish we find, doesn’t mean we should.

Enjoy the sport and keep it alive! (y)

3 years ago

To a degree I believe it is detrimental to fishing. Between technology and population we get “easier” and LOT more taking part in fishing. However…in all my years I still believe 10-15% of fishermen catch 90% of the fish. Those aren’t the folks going for pot luck. They dont just go fish, they target specific fish.. But theres also a lot of new people here that catch and take fish I consider a nuisance or bait, home to eat. Fish I would have never guessed would be pressued or need limits. So I think the tech does make an impact but I think the amount of people now fishing might be the bigger threat because the majority of them dont have a target. They want any fish. Just my opinion.

Andy Benedict
3 years ago

Fishing poles, reels, nets, boats, depth/fish finders, on-line maps and yes, Salt Strong are all tools to help people catch fish more efficiently, effectively and with greater ease for the purpose of fishing success and enjoyment. These things are the direct result of advancements in technology. It’s inevitable. I appreciate what Salt Strong has provided me as a busy guy who likes to fish. Now I’m doing it better and I LOVE to fish in great part to the success I’m having because of what I’m learning. I appreciate the tool you provide and the enjoyment I receive because of it.

Andy Benedict
Brentwood, TN


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