2 Tips To Make GoPro Batteries Last Longer (Without Bulky Power Packs)


Isn’t it the worst when your filming a fishing trip, finally catch a big fish, but then realize your GoPro died right before all the action started?

It’s happened to me before way too many times, and so it doesn’t happen to you, I’ve put together this video.

I’ve finally learned how to make my batteries last longer, as well as how to be prepared for a full day of filming out on the water, and I’ll show you everything I’ve learned here.

You’ll see:

  • What settings to turn off to make your battery last longer (and what settings to turn on)
  • The one habit you need to get into to make sure your GoPro never misses any action
  • What items you need to have on you for a full day of fishing
  • And much more

Check it out below.

How To Make Your GoPro Battery Last Longer [VIDEO]

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In this video, I was using my GoPro Hero 7, but these tips can work with nearly all GoPros.

First, we’ll talk about the settings you want to turn off, then I’ll cover the setting you want to keep on, then I’ll share the habits you want to get into to always be prepared for a long day of filming.

Tip #1: Turn these 6 settings off

  • Voice command
  • Sound (the beeps that the GoPro makes, not recording sound)
  • Stabilization (This is a big power sucker. Unless you need it, I’d recommend turning it off.)
  • Wifi
  • LEDs
  • Protune

Tip #2: Keep this setting on

  • Auto Power Off (I set mine at five minutes)

Bonus Tip: 2 habits to get into to always be prepared for a full day of filming

Habit #1: Keep a minimum of three extra batteries on hand.

Habit #2: Check your battery power often.

I try to avoid going under 20% power — once I get to 20% I switch out batteries.


If you want to get the most out of your GoPro batteries, turn off unnecessary features and make sure that it automatically powers off when it’s not in use.

Also, get into the habit of checking your battery power and keeping extra batteries on hand so you never miss any of the action.

Have any other tips for making your batteries last longer?

Let me know in the comments below!

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Antonio aka Tony Toscano
1 year ago

Keep spare batteries in waterproof container in your cooler away from sun and heat.

Lee Chaney
3 years ago

Have you tried Tacticam?


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