Are You Using The Wrong Knot With Your Lure? (Common Lure Mistake!)


Many anglers make this simple (but crucial) mistake…

When you’re using artificial lures, it’s important to work it the correct way to convince a fish to strike.

And one of the things you can do to help yourself work it the correct way is to use the right knot with it.

There are two types of knots when you’re tying on lures:

  1. Snug knots
  2. Loop knots

Snug knots are great for lures that you do a constant retrieve with, while loop knots are great for lures that you need to put action on.

In this video, I’m going to go through some of the most popular lures and talk about how to work them and the best knot to tie with them.

Let’s dive in!

The Best Knots For Popular Types Of Lures [VIDEO]

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Here are some lures that you would tie a loop knot with:

  • Paddletails
  • Soft plastic jerk shads
  • Spook-style topwaters
  • Twitchbaits

And here are some lures that you would tie a snug knot with:

  • Spinnerbaits
  • Chatterbaits
  • Popper-style topwaters

Now here’s a caveat to the rule above: if a lure has a split ring, then you would tie a snug knot no matter what type of lure it is.

For instance, some spook-style topwater lures come with split rings on the end, so you would tie a snug knot to the split ring because the split ring is already acting like a loop by giving the lure room to move.

Also, another thing to be aware of is that snug knots are stronger than loop knots, so keep that in mind when trying to decide what line size and/or drag setting to use.


doormat flounder

If you’re using a lure that requires you to put a lot of action on it, like the paddletail in the picture above, then you’ll want to go with a loop knot.

But if you’re using a lure that already has a lot of action, like a spinnerbait, then you’ll want to go with a snug knot.

Have any questions about which type of knot to tie with each type of lure?

Let me know down in the comments.

And if you know someone who needs to learn to tie the correct knot with each type of lure, please TAG or SHARE this with them!

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Paul DiLucchio
6 months ago

Can I add a split ring to a jig head so that I can use a snug knot?

6 months ago
Reply to  Paul DiLucchio

Wouldn’t a swivel-less snap suffice for the same action as a loop knot ? much easier tp rig than a split ring as well

6 months ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Yea, but snap happen, Ive had Snook open them… Try a UNI-KNOT, snug it up then slide back a skosh = a loop, that will snug with a fish on. Love my uni’s

David Johnson
6 months ago
Reply to  Paul DiLucchio


Rob S
6 months ago
Reply to  David Johnson

Why would you need to add a split ring in order to join the line to lure? To me, a split ring is like tying a loop knot. Moreover, unless necessary, it is just one more possible thing to fail.

Lee Chaney
6 months ago
Reply to  Rob S

Loop knots are very easy to snap. With an o ring you can tie a stronger snug knot to the o ring. Problem with o rings is they add weight to the nose of the lure that will affect its walking action.

Paul DiLucchio
6 months ago
Reply to  Lee Chaney

Thanks. I find the loop knot harder to tie on the water — that’s why I prefer a snug knot. Good point on the weight. The split ring I want to use is so tiny (to fit in the jig head opening) it may not be much of a factor … I’ll experiment both ways and see what it looks like.

6 months ago

Should I be using a mono line tied directly to the lures or is it okay to tie braid directly to the lure?

Jacob Munoz
6 months ago

What about retrieving a gulp artificial shrimp? What knot?

Michael Lehr
6 months ago

Great topic, very well said. Thank you for the tips!

Tom Marks
6 months ago

Wyatt, Excellent tips, often the topic of knots is just how to tie them not where they should be used. Thank you.

6 months ago

What knot would you use for round jig heads jigging for fluke?

6 months ago

Is this best place to ask you guys to test some things , ask questions and suggestions

Ron Mattson SR
6 months ago

Thank You so much for the informative video.

6 months ago

The UNIKNOT actually works for both situations… It can be snugged up tight OR it can be slipped back forming a loop, which is really stronger when it slips to snug up with tention of a strike/hook set.
The Uni-Knot is the absolute best knot ever. Also!!! I have experienced my line working around & out of a split ring completely, losing the fish as well as the lure. I have been known to remove them, especially with acrobatic Snook and Tarpon. TRY IT!

Last edited 6 months ago by Strayed Cat
5 months ago
Reply to  Wyatt Parcel
  1. Wyatt, I don’t know of a video. I don’t know if I discovered it, or maybe I read something describing it many years ago. It’s quik & easy to do, (make sure it’s wet) then with your fingernail at the front of the snugged knot, slide it backards while holding the lure, working a small loop… It’s worked for me. >>—-*>
Adam Bailey
6 months ago
Reply to  Wyatt Parcel

If you don’t cinch a uni-knot all the way, it will leave a loop. However, that’s prone to slippage and failure because it’s not designed for it.

5 months ago
Reply to  Adam Bailey

Adam, I have not consulted with the designer…But, it has worked for me many years. Try it , I think you’ll like it. Snug the the uni all the way tight first, wet it…Then slip it back up the main line for your tiny loop.

6 months ago

Just for these split ring guys…I wouldnt use a split ring on anything I’m casting other than maybe a spoon. Why would you want the extra hardware/weight on your lure? If you’re using the proper leader/line/drag setting the loop knot will not break. If you’re one of those guys that use 30-40-50 lb braid on a 20lb class rod with a 20lb leader, then yea… the loop knot may break. But if everything is equal and the drag is set right it will not break

6 months ago

I use loop knots for every thing fresh water

6 months ago

do you all consider tactical clips like a split ring.
Allowing for more action

Your thoughts please

6 months ago

I’m making an assumption here but, I would put the spoon in the same group of lures that require a lot of action. If I’m incorrect in my assumption, please say so.


Last edited 6 months ago by Anonymous
Mike Kasinger
6 months ago

Been using the wrong knots on my soft plastic and jerk baits after watching video changing all to loop knot now.

Dick Brown
6 months ago

Excellent presentation – thank you!
Salt Strong taught me the Uni and I have been using it exclusively since but after seeing this video you will next be teaching me the loop knot. I know this – when I go out with the best (Jamie Clough) he’s always tying the loop knot on our jig heads.

bruce williams
6 months ago

how big a loop should you have in a typical loop knot?

Andy Hong
6 months ago

Wyatt, I love your videos. You’re always to the point, and you show great examples to really prove the point. (And you don’t ramble on and on, like some of the other SS staff that will go nameless here. 😁)

An additional point that I’d add:

When using hard bait with two hooks, make sure the front hook can’t swivel forward and snag the loop knot. If it can, then you’ll have two problems: 1. The hook could tear the knot. 2. The lure will not retrieve properly when the hook is stuck inside the loop.

This is especially important when you’re skipping the bait under a dock or a bush/mangrove, and the hooks are bouncing against the lure as it skips across the water. Oftentimes, you’ll have one chance to get your cast & retrieve right; if you don’t, the fish will disperse or otherwise ignore your subsequent casts.

(Also, I’m not sure if you produced this video recently, or if it was on the back burner for a while awaiting publication… but don’t forget that your Yeti mic is “side address.”)

John Ferstermann
6 months ago

how do you tie a loop knot?

5 months ago

Absolutely phenomenal video. Had no idea what the lures are supposed to look under water. Awesome video

4 months ago

What about using snap swivels instead of the loop knot?

4 months ago
Reply to  Kevin

They can certainly work. But we recommend minimizing as many things that can potentially alert the fish to the fact that the lure is fake as possible, and the loop knot is much less visible than the snap swivel.

4 months ago

A great lesson Wyatt thanks

Roman Dudus
4 months ago

There is always exceptions to the rule. For example, we have a run right now of Albies and I had one rod with an Albie Snax with a snug knot and another with a loop knot. And believe it or not, the snug knot caught fish and the loop knot did not. Too many nots or knots in these sentences.


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