Epic Nearshore Reef Super Slam! [Nearshore Reef Tips & Tricks]

Last week I went out and caught an EPIC nearshore reef super slam!

I was joined by Justin Ritchey on this trip and we caught nearly every fish using a unique method.

Find out exactly what that was below!!

Epic Nearshore Reef Super Slam! [VIDEO]

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As mentioned in the video, here are the nearshore reef combos that I have personally used and highly recommend.




All but one fish were caught using artificial lures.

And thanks to our new reef locator tool, I was able to find these reefs in seconds.

Armed with Shrimptreuse and Natural Power Prawn USA lures, we hit the reefs!!

Power Prawn Setup

We rigged the Power Prawn USA lures on Hoss Weedless Football Jigheads.

This setup lets you bounce the jig right on top of the reef structure without getting snagged.

We dropped the jigs down and vertically bounced them along the reefs waiting for bites.

Rigging Tips

When rigging the Power Prawn USA lures on Hoss Weedless Football Jigheads, it’s important to get it right or it could cost you bites.

Insert the hook point through the nose of the lure and slide the lure down the hook shank to the knuckle just before the weight.

Push the lure up and over the knuckle tight against the weight.

This will get better action in the water and help you catch more fish on the same lure.

Reef Locator Tool

As I mentioned in the video, none of this would be possible without the help of Smart Fishing Spots.

Within the platform, we’ve included a reef locator that reveals all the hidden reefs in any area.

This is exclusive software only available for our Insider Members.

For most of Florida (and other states coming soon), we also have High-Resolution imagery.

This reveals the exact structure below and where you are in relation to it.

We’re offering a SPECIAL 28-day FREE trial on this software right now!

➡ 28-Day FREE Trial (Get Access to Smart Fishing Spots!)

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