Massive Doormat Flounder Captured On Underwater Camera (New John Skinner Video)


John Skinner has done it again…

The “Fluke Master” not only captured one of the biggest flounder (fluke) striking a lure on film, but he also lands multiple 8lb+ flounder in a single trip!

This could be one of my favorite Skinner fluke videos yet!

Just wait until you see this footage.

Note: Here’s the private link for the Flounder Mastery course (only available until Monday, Nov 26 @ midnight).

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Flounder Mastery (Online Course)

As John mentioned in the video above, he is one of ten instructors in the latest Salt Strong online fishing course called, Flounder Mastery.

It’s the most comprehensive blueprint on catching flounder from Texas up to New York.

The best news is that it’s being offered for 97% right now (but only from Black Friday until Cyber Monday at midnight).

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Tight lines!

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If you want to see exactly how the top flounder experts in America are so consistent at finding feeding doormats, you’ve got to see this course!

The best news is that it’s 97% OFF right now!

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David Bush
5 years ago

Great underwater shots, John. Judging by your gear list on YouTube, you use a GoPro 5. If so, how are you rigging the camera? Have you tried any of the inline video cameras specifically intended for this purpose?

John Skinner
5 years ago
Reply to  David Bush

The underwater camera was a water wolf.

David Bush
5 years ago
Reply to  John Skinner

Thanks for the reply, John. That’s what I would have thought, but was confused by the GoPro on the gear list.

Bruce Somers
5 years ago

Gentlemen that was fun to watch. Thank you for sharing it with us.


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