The Miracle Snook: Broke Off, Attacked By A Shark, Then Swam To Boat!


This was insane!!

Have you ever caught the same fish twice?

I recently did, but I still can’t get over how it happened!

Here’s the quick backstory…

Luke and I were down in the Everglades fishing for monster snook with two of our Insider members, Marcos and Luana (if you haven’t listened to the podcast with Marcos about how they catch these monster snook on fake shrimp then you’ve got to hear this).

I had a nice snook on, but the fish had inhaled my artificial shrimp leaving the leader rubbing against the snook’s sandpaper-like mouth. After a short fight, the fish broke me off.

Seconds later, we saw my snook getting chased towards the shoreline by a big dorsal fin and a massive wake… a big bull shark was trying to get a quick meal of the tired snook!

We didn’t see whether or not the shark actually got her, but a few minutes later we see a snook making a beeline right to the boat.

We had a hunch this might be the same one, so we netted her… and when she got in the boat, we couldn’t believe what she had in her mouth!

Check out the video below.

Miracle Snook [VIDEO]

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I still can’t believe I got my lure back!

Has that ever happened to you?!

I’m also glad that she came back so we were able to get it out of her mouth.

The best news is that we were able to release the snook safely so it finished with a happy ending — what a tough snook!

If you want to learn more about the unconventional way we were targeting these big snook, check out the podcast episode with Marcos where he shared all about it.

What’s your craziest fishing story?

Let me know in the comments below!

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James Rahn
6 months ago

Get the heck out of town! Crazy ????????????

William Brown
6 months ago

I caught the same 8 foot bull shark twice, about a week apart. It had my hook and leader from where I cut the leader the week before. Came in with both hooks in the corner of its mouth.

Carl Greiner
6 months ago

Hi Joe !! You are probably out on the water right now. But when you get a chance, I’d like to know your opinion about line. I fish around Rockport, Port Aransas and Corpus Christi. I’m looking for some braided line for my usual speck and red rigs. Should I get 10 lb, 15lb? What do you think.

Mel Crissey
6 months ago

That was 100% amazing.

tony elmore
6 months ago

Hey Joe, never caught a snook like that but I did catch a 7.5lb bass with my bare hands in the Winter Haven Chain. I actually thought the fish was dead. It was floating on the surface on its side. I eased up next to it and grabbed it by the mouth and found out that it was still very much alive! I had a couple kids from my church bus with me and of course they thought that was amazing. We took a few pics and sent it on its way. Cool story for the kids to tell.

Curt Johnson
6 months ago

Craziest catch I’ve ever seen! Are you all going start a new course on how to hypnotize fish so that you can catch them without poles or lures? 🙂

Fred Keeler
6 months ago
Reply to  Curt Johnson

Ya, I want in on that course lol

6 months ago

That was incredible. Amazing. Wouldn’t be able to write that skit ever. Keep up the incredible fishing.

John Provo
6 months ago

That was awesome!

Michael Coons
6 months ago

Earlier this year I was fishing for tarpon off Pine Island using chunked mullet when I caught a 6 foot nurse shark (I thought it was going to be a Stingray). I let him go after a 20 minute fight only to catch him again as soon as I put out fresh bait. The fight was quick as he was already tired after only 5 minutes. I left the spot only to fish it a couple weeks later and sure enough I caught a 6 foot nurse shark again. I have no proof but I am pretty sure it was the same fish.

Charles Phillippi
6 months ago

Awesome…He just felt bad and wanted to bring back the lure…since it was a “secret”. lol

Fred Keeler
6 months ago

A great story and video. Y ‘all saved the Snook, and removed the lure so the fish could live to fight another day! I have on occasion caught the same fish twice, but they were Redfish or hardheads not a Wiley Snook.

David DuPuis
6 months ago

Awesome!!!! Don’t get to fish much but these regular fishing tips and catch videos make my day. Next best thing to being there. My annual insider fee is about the same as 6 movie tickets. Awesome value. Thanks

Mel Bledsoe
6 months ago

Too cool Joe. Congrats, and on video forever. Between that and Luke’s 3rd floor snook catch. Have to call the Strong bro’s fish whisperers.????????????

Joseph Falzone
6 months ago

So I tried to watch a few of your videos but they would not play.

Colin Campbell
6 months ago

Once in a lifetime!

Raul Vitela
6 months ago

Too cool!!

Eric Black
6 months ago

That’s soooo cool. Good for the snook to seek a little rescue from the shark near your boat. Rehab’d him up, and he’s good to go!

Rob Ninker
6 months ago

Wow…..that is indeed truly amazing on so many levels. Great net snatch!

Nick Nemeth
6 months ago

OMG!!! If that wasn’t on video I would’ve called that a fish tale.

Shanna Pace
6 months ago

That’s awesome! A few weeks ago I was surf fishing and something toothy swam by and cut my braid and I lost my whole surf rig. An hour later I reeled in a 4 inch catfish (yes 4 inches) and low and behold this catfish was also hooked by my lost surf rig. It was a tangled mess but I got back all the hooks and the weight. I couldn’t believe it.

Cody Selph
6 months ago

That’s crazy. That’ll be something to talk about 20 years from now. Lol. What’s the secret shrimp lure?

6 months ago
Reply to  Joseph Simonds

Oh your talking about inventive fishing shrimp. They originally were made in Brazil but grew in popularity and were soon introduced here. Nice!

Tom Marks
6 months ago

That is crazy lucky!

Greg Batchelor
6 months ago

Absolutely crazy, and rates right up there with the balcony catch!

Roger I
6 months ago

That’s great! It’s almost as if he wanted your help to get that lure out of his mouth.

Robert Bigelow
6 months ago

That was amazing! Ninja netting skills by Marco for sure. Way to go guys! The snook from the balcony and now this with netting a free-swimmer.. You’re building quite the collection of notable catches haha


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