Mission Fishin Jig Head Review (Pros, Cons, & When To Use Them)

Having the right jig head in your tackle box can make or break your day of fishing.

The style and weight of your jig head should be determined by the conditions you are fishing, how you are fishing, and what you are targeting.

And while the Mission Fishin Jig Head is not perfect, you will want to consider using it when fishing on the bottom and around structure.

In this video, you’ll learn the pros, cons, and when to use the Mission Fishin Jig Head.

Check it out below!

Mission Fishin Jig Heads [VIDEO]

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This is my favorite jig head for most scenarios when using soft plastic lures.

But there is one thing to consider when using them.

Pros & Cons Of The Mission Fishin Jig Head


  • Boxing glove style head creates more resistance so you’ll get more erratic action
  • The hook is the perfect length for paddletails
  • Double barbs keep soft plastics on tight
  • Rounded underside slides over debris very easily


  • Double barbs are exaggerated so you may need to change out your lure more often

When To Use The Mission Fishin Jig Head

These jig heads are best used when bouncing soft plastics on the bottom.

And they really shine when using twitch baits.

The shape of the jig head allows the lure to dart with more action.

They’re also a good addition to a paddletail because the length of the jig head is a great match.

A paddletail made with Elaztech material is really buoyant so this jig head allows the tail on these paddletails to move upwards and sway with the water.

This is a great presentation when fishing on grass flats with a paddletail.

Here are the sizes and colors of Mission Fishin Jig Heads that I recommend:


Mission Fishin Lures Review

Whether you’re fishing around structure or working your lures on the bottom, the right jig head can make a big difference in how your lures move through the water.

And if you want to mix up your presentation of soft plastics, then you should consider adding the Mission Fishin Jig Head to your tackle box.

You can get these jig heads from our shop here:

Mission Fishin Jig Heads

And if you want 20% off of your jig heads, as well as all of the other gear in our shop, click here to join us in the Insider Club.

Have you used these yet?

Let me know down in the comments!

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James L Grier
10 months ago

Hi I’m just wondering why I see so much talk about soft baits and jigs with most of it being used as swim dates or bottom bouncers
In my neck of the woods from horseshoe Beach to steinhatchee Florida on the Gulf Coast 99% of the fishing boats I see are fishing with popping cords and soft plastic jigs but I see very little in the post where anyone uses this method I’ve used it for years and every season on the flats I like so many others fishing in this area.

10 months ago

Boxing glove jig heads are my go to for almost everything. Especially when I’m throwing live shrimp at a bridge for snook. I use to use Troll Lite a lot but dont really see them avail anymore. But like you said,the answer to soft baits staying on the jig is super glue. Period.

Dr. Hank Roberts
10 months ago

Compared to each other, Do you think the mission jig head is better than the jig head with big shiny eyes?

Larry Stevens
10 months ago

Great info! Thank you very much. Would you please consider creating some underwater video, ideally in a variety of sites (grass bottom, rocky bottom, mud bottom…) but maybe even just in a pool or a table top aquarium so that we can actually see how different jigs move in the water and lay on the bottom?
Thanks again,

Zachary Tanner
10 months ago

I love these jig heads profile, but the double barbs break away from the head every time I use them. Pulling the hook out with pliers from a hard hook set breaks them off. Don’t have this issue with any other barbed hook. Doesn’t look like I’m the only one after reading others comments.

10 months ago
Reply to  Zachary Tanner

Metal pliers will damage every hook on the market. There are plenty of tools and ways to remove a hook without using pliers.

Russell Coleman
10 months ago

You guys keep suggesting something new! What I liked most was how simple you kept it. Are you interested in about 1 1/2 lbs. of Gotcha jig heads? Just kidding. The shape if the Mission Head us intriguing, I like the positive features and I think the Z-man sort of has the same negative, eventually, after a few strong Reds or Specs, they won’t stay on that great. All your material is still helpful.

10 months ago

I use Mission heads to tie my own bucktails…just trim the barbs down a bit.

Sam Craparo
10 months ago

I like the style of the jig but I have had issues with the side with the barb breaking away from the head. I typically use a hook out tool and try not to touch the fish to increase its survival. The design seems to work well going through turtle grass without snagging.

Bob Howell
10 months ago

If not using glue I trim the tail head back about 1/8 to 3/16 of inch after the tail gets loose from the double prong. Not much difference in total length. Been using Mission Fishin’ for years. Great jig.

Allen Lynch
10 months ago

Does Mission Fishin’ make a jighead with a wire (or other material) hook guard for when working Heavy Cover ? I’m thinking that would / could be beneficial in those conditions.


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