This Is Why You Keep Your Eyes Peeled On The Water…

By: Tony Acevedo on April 25, 2019
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monster bull redfish

Keep your eyes peeled!

When you’re out on the water it’s easy to focus on one thing at a time and lose track of whatever else may be going on around you.

This is exactly what happened with me on this trip when I accidentally hooked into a monster.

Thankfully, I got lucky, but I learned an important lesson: always keep your eyes peeled when out on the water.

Check out the video below to see what happened out there, and what you need to be looking for.


(P.S. want to know exactly where I was fishing and why? Check out our SUPER-Community here.)

Keep Your Eyes Peeled [VIDEO]

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big redfish sight fishing

Had I not gotten lucky and cast to the spot that I did, I likely would have missed out on this big red!

Think this has happened to you before?

Let me know if you have any questions about sight fishing like this!

And if you want to know exactly where I was fishing and why, check out our SUPER-Community here.

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Steven Free
1 year ago

yea tony I do agree that always being aware of your surroundings is very important in a successful fishing trip unfortunately though up here in northeast Fl we don’t have the water clarity that you do there in central Fl but maybe for a very limited time in the wintertime or very early spring so although yes we do have some sight fishing opportunities they are very limited I don’t know if you got my forwarded email I wrote you because Carrol Bennet intercepted it and wrote me telling me she would forward it to you but basically I was asking you if you could do another spot dissection in a creek called Lofton creek about 50 miles from here in a town called Yulee Fl in Nassau county its a great creek to fish but can be confusing to learn where the fish are located at I learned about its saltwater fishing by reading an article by a north Fl author and guide named terry lacoss who has written many articles for Fl sportsman and other southern sport fishing magazines the reason I say about its saltwater fishing is because its noted as a great freshwater fishing creek there is a small bridge that goes over the creek and if you launch and go under the bridge that is the freshwater side but if you launch and go away from the bridge after about a mile to mile and a half you will see some power lines overhead according to Terry Lacoss this is where the saltwater fishing starts to get good I have yet to catch a red there although my girlfriend caught a small one this wintertime past this creek is unique in that in the most part of it instead of shoreline grass being present numerous cattails line the shore with docks in some places and lots of cuts and small creek outlets I have not seen any oysters but the creek in the 4 to 6 times I have fished it seems to hold more water at low tide then most other areas I have fished so an oyster bar is never exposed anyways if you could do a dissection I would greatly appreciate it thanks for all you do

Gary Rankel
1 year ago

Awesome red, Tony.

I know you like using Gulp products with a slow twitch – twitch retrieve when sight fishing in shallow water, but wonder if you also prefer that style of fishing when fishing deeper or off-color water when sight fishing is rare. I often fish such areas where spotting fish is difficult, and often resort to blind or fan casting and faster retrieves with topwater or suspending lures which I assume have a better chance of attracting fish from greater distances through sound / vibrations, and allow me to cover much more water than would be possible employing the slower twitch – twitch method using soft plastics.