Salt Strong Moonwalker Topwater Lures ARE BACK!!!

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For all Insider Members exclusively, the Moonwalker Topwater Lure is now in our online shop!

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Moonwalker Topwater Lures [VIDEO]

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We listened to our Insider Members’ feedback and made some awesome new updates to the lure!

First, we upgraded the hooks on this lure to BKK 1/0 super strong hook.

BKK is out of Australia and they design the strongest saltwater hooks on the market.

These BKK single inline hooks go for $7-$10 per pair of hooks but we are already putting them on this lure for you.

These hooks will not bend, break, or fail you when you hook into a nice fish!

Along with stronger hooks, the split rings used on the Moonwalker are now tougher and slightly larger.

The next change to the Moonwalker is the color of the lure.

The lure is now more of a white color body with some silver specks mixed in alluding to the Slam Shady Paddletail.

Also, the Moonwalker is slightly heavier with larger rattles inside the lure.

This lure will now cast even farther than it did before and create a distinctive sound to attract predatory fish!

Finally, the last change to the Moonwalker is instead of three trout strikes near the back of the lure, there are now two.

This is to create the illusion that your lure is an injured fish.

Attention Insider Members!

Moonwalker topwater lures are EXCLUSIVE to Insider Members only.

We are giving you 30% off of these lures upon purchase!

There is only a limited amount in this first batch so get them while you can!

We are limiting these to 3 Moonwalkers per Insider so everyone can try this topwater lure out.

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