The New Daiwa Saltist MQ Reel Review (Pros & Cons)

The NEW Daiwa Saltist MQ has arrived!

This is a lightweight reel with advanced features that will conquer almost all conditions.

But is it the best inshore fishing reel on the market?

Check out the pros and cons in this new review video!

The New Daiwa Saltist MQ Reel Review [VIDEO]

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The Daiwa Saltist MQ is designed to tackle the elements and provide a premier experience for those that want the most out of their inshore fishing reel.

Here is the full, unbiased review (and an on-the-water review is coming soon):


  • Monocoque Body style (MQ design allows for reduced size and weight of the reel)
  • Increased drag and easier to turn the handle
  • A smaller compact body makes it a better reel for inshore fishing
  • Larger sizes (5000 and 6000) are going to be lighter weight overall
  • The aluminum round knob is rare to find and gives you less resistance
  • Body and rotor made of Zaion (Zaion is Daiwa’s version of a composite plastic that is very lightweight and more durable than magnesium)
  • Magsealed with a magnetized plate that creates low pressure where water and contaminants can’t make their way down the main shaft and into the body of the reel
  • Threaded top that sits over the plate of the Magseal
  • Light rubber seal at bottom of the main shaft that will also prevent water from going down the main shaft and into the rotor
  • 22-lbs of drag on carbon fiber drag stack
  • Solid aluminum body in a compact rigid design


  • This is a pricey reel at $299.99 (but this is a high-quality investment)
  • Rigid boot designed for protection but once taken off you can see the main gear and the oscillation can (separate piece not part of the aluminum body)


Daiwa Saltist MQ

You can push this reel to the limits.

It is a quality reel that is an investment for an angler that desires a top-tier reel with specific advantages.

The Daiwa Saltist MQ is meticulously designed to be a finesse heavy-duty reel!

This reel is built to last and will withstand most elements.

If you have any further questions about the Daiwa Saltist MQ, ask me down in the comments!!

Daiwa Saltist MQ Spinning Reel

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Larry Matthews
2 months ago

I just got line on my 5000 mq and put it on my st croix rod. But when did my first cast the bail would not flip down when I turned the handle. Very resistive turn. Had to manually flip it down and then it smoothly retrieved the line. Tried a couple of times but bail just won’t go down upon turning handle. What could be wrong? Brand new reel out of the box!

2 months ago
Reply to  Larry Matthews

It has a manual bail in the 5000 size and up. Not uncommon in most higher end reels.

2 months ago

The power handle snapped off after 8 uses and under a year of ownership and Daiwa would not warranty the reel handle. My friend also has the same reel with the same problem.

Rob S
1 month ago
Reply to  matt

Appreciate your comment, Matt. It’s not just about marketing to sell stuff but finding honest critique too!

3 months ago

What is the main gear made of? Previous Saltists hade a pewter gear and that did not last long at all…

2 months ago
Reply to  Hennie

Cnc aluminum

Tucker Falter
5 months ago

I’ve got numerous of the mq reels but nothing bigger than 5000 and was wandering if I could just get an 8000mq spool and put it on my 5000 body for yellowfin

Scott Mills
8 months ago

just got a saltist 2500 mq, will be using for inshore fishing mostly open hook 3-4″ swimbaits and other smaller soft plastics
fishing for schoolie striped bass and sea trout
any suggestions for a rod

Christopher Pedicini
8 months ago

Looking Into the MQ 6000. What rod would you recommend for this reel..

Chad Leavitt
9 months ago

What kind of rod would you recommend ? for a 2500 series saltist mq. Love all your guys information on fishing cant wait to join the club soon.

Derrick Falk
11 months ago

Which size do you think would fit best on a 11 ft St. Croix Seage or a custom 12 ft surf rod?

1 year ago

what is difference between this and ltd

Shekhar J Mistry
1 year ago

I’m really considering purchasing this reel…..question which size, 2500 or 3000, matches up closest in terms of physical size to a Penn Slammer IV 2500?


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