Game Fish Behavior (With Hall Of Famer Mark Sosin)


Talk about a fishing legend…

Mark Sosin has been inducted into both the freshwater and saltwater fishing hall of fames, he had a TV show that aired for 27 years, and he’s written over 30 books.

So you can say the guy knows how to catch fish.

I read one of his books, Through The Fish’s Eye, recently and was blown away at how much intel there was about fish behavior and biology in there.

Today people just want to talk about the best lures and knots and gear, but in reality, there are much more important things when it comes to catching fish…

And that’s exactly what Mark and I are talking about on the podcast today.

Here’s a preview of the topics we covered:

  • Why fish eat during dawn and dusk
  • Why depth matters
  • Where to cast your lure once you’ve found a school of fish
  • The biggest mistakes anglers make that cause them to not catch fish
  • How far away fish can detect fishermen in the water
  • What noises on the boat spook fish and what noises don’t
  • And much more

Plus, he shares some incredible stories about World War II survival kits, catching tarpon in Africa, and studying fish in Alaska.

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Game Fish Behavior With Mark Sosin [PODCAST]

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Here’s the big takeaway: there’s no one big thing that will turn you into an expert angler.

It’s a combination of little things…

From understanding how fish feed, to knowing how to approach them, to using the right lures and gear…

All of these little details add up and that’s the difference between an expert angler and someone who wishes they were an expert.

If you want to learn more about fish biology and behavior, I definitely recommend checking out Mark’s book, Through the Fish’s Eye: An Angler’s Guide to Gamefish Behavior.

Even though it was written 50 years ago, it’s still relevant today because fish biology and behavior doesn’t change.

Have any questions about what we talked about in this episode?

Let me know in the comments below!

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Lee Myers
Lee Myers
1 month ago

Always love a conversation between two characters! Nicely done sir! Was wondering if you could provide a top 10 list of fishing books (or really any book) that you would recommend to people as must reads? I’d like to think of myself as an avid and am always looking for books to add to my ‘to-do’ list. Mainly curious about what your top fishing books are but also interested in any other books you feel are ‘must reads’.

Victor Gatell Jr
Victor Gatell Jr
1 month ago

Great interview Joe! You enhanced his stories, you lead him perfectly, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. You guys never disappoint.

Marc Wisniewski
Marc Wisniewski
2 months ago

Great interview. Listened to it twice and still may listen again. A wealth of information. Looking for that book right now! Well done, guys.

Brett Laws
Brett Laws
2 months ago

Guys, keep these coming. Absolutely awesome info from the legends of the sport!!!

Charles Phillippi
Charles Phillippi
2 months ago

Some reason I thought I was signed in. It listed me as anonymous, when I posted short time ago.

2 months ago

Chuck Phillippi- Salt Strong-Platinum
Great Podcast with one of the best. I used to watch his fishing shows in past. Very informative. Sounds like even 50 yrs ago the fishing methods were the same, 90 % of the fish are in 10% of the water. Learn two or three lures and stay with them. Cigar fishing for marlin a great story. You really never know. Didn’t see “notes” listed at bottom.

Last edited 2 months ago by Anonymous


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