Testing New Offshore Hotspot App (Insane Mahi & Snapper Action!!)


I had a BANNER DAY last week fishing with my buddy Ryan and neighbor Chip testing out the NEW offshore hotspot app!

Smart Fishing Spots is our all-in-one fishing app that provides you with real-time weather forecasts as well as fishing reports and tide station data so you can save time and catch more fish.

The 4K Satellite Imagery and underwater map layers reveal offshore reefs and wrecks you otherwise would cruise right over unknowing they were beneath you this entire time.

Learn more in the video below!!

Testing New Offshore Hotspot App [VIDEO]

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We dropped down some baits and jigs and got crushed immediately.

I thought I’d give the Power Prawn USA a try offshore since we found a quality shipwreck underneath us holding fish.

But off in the distance, a storm was brewing.

We waited around as long as we could but eventually we had to move and find cover.

The storm was in between us and the shore so all we could do was seek protection near two big oil tankers and wait it out.

Luckily, the storm actually did pass us and we avoided it altogether.

But what we found near these tankers was next to incredible!

Dozens on dozens of mahi were schooled up and once they heard our boat engine, they came and circled around us immediately.

At first, we just threw out what was tied on which were our snapper rigs.

But once we had time to switch over to a different presentation, we locked into the fish!

Then, one of the tankers we were fishing next to had to start its propeller and take off.

So we had to shift over to fish behind the second tanker that was also out there.

Targeting Mahi

The goal here is to hook into a mahi and keep it around so the rest of the school does not leave.

My neighbor Chip is a former offshore captain and he’s had plenty of experiences with offshore mahi like this.

Keeping one fish hooked until another person can hook into a fish keeps the school around the boat.

We struggled to find adequate tackle to target these fish with because we were prepared with all heavier offshore gear.

But once we were able to find what worked, we began our rotation.

This is all in an effort to keep the school around the boat.

Make sure you keep the fish you have hooked near the boat and below the surface.

When you do get these fish on the boat, make sure you get them directly in the cooler!!!

Close the lid as fast as you can.

These fish are incredibly hard to handle, especially if you aren’t able to grab it on the first try.

The last thing you want is the fish jumping out of your hands and into the water.

That will only scare the rest of the school and likely drive them away from your vessel.

As far as lures and retrieve are concerned, you want something heavy enough to dive down about 3-5 feet beneath the surface and just rip it hard back towards you.

Ships that have been anchored for a while or any kind of floating structure or debris in the water are good indicators of mahi in the area.

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The key for us on this trip was giving the lure or jig lots of action and keeping the mahi just below the surface.

We made it home with a week’s worth of dinner and I even caught my first Amberjack in Texas.

I really enjoy shaking things up and targeting some offshore fish every now and then.

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Do you have any comments about this trip or anything you saw that sparked a question?

Let me know down below!!

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Thomas Pickett
11 months ago

Honestly as a new member, a little concerning that another member asked what the setup was with no reply. I am very interested in knowing the size and weight ratings of the rods, reels, and lines used. Thx.

A Rollins
1 year ago

How about making a descending tool devise video?
There are lots of new fishermen trying to catch American red snappers that have no idea what barotrauma is.

Corey Towner
1 year ago

What setup did you use catching these fish?

Chris Johnson
1 year ago

Great info and video guys! Is there a time frame for when the reef info around NJ will be added?

Nick Pavone
1 year ago

I really enjoyed this Wyatt! Looks like an awesome day out there!


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