[NEW CASE STUDY] Scientific Method For Catching Inshore Fish In The Winter

This new case study fishing report is yet another example of the Scientific Method for catching inshore fish during the winter months [click for full video]
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Marco Island Exploration Trip Dissection [Pre-Planning & Post-Trip Analysis]

Cold fronts are rolling in and they are bringing in some very cold air, so it's key to use a science-based plan like this to maximize your results.
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Targeting Fish Later in the Day in the Winter [Insider Report]

On this trip you will see how I was able to locate fish later in the day, and why I chose to fish during that time. Check out the full trip report!
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Spot Dissection: How to Effectively Find and Fish a Spot in a Boat or Kayak [Freeport, TX]

Do you want to know what to look for to find productive fishing spots? In this Spot Dissection, I will be giving you tips on...
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Pro Tips On Finding Hidden (And Tough To Find) Kayak Launch Locations

Ever wanted to know how the pros find kayak launch areas? Then check out this new tip from our resident kayak expert, Tony Acevedo. Tight lines!
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How To Rig The Berkley Gulp Swimming Mullet (For More Strikes)

Want to see the best way to rig a Berkley Gulp Swimming Mullet so that you attract more strikes from hungry redfish, trout, and flounder? Watch this!
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The Gale Force Twins: This Offshore Fishing Duo Is Making A Big Splash

Can you imagine walking away from the path of becoming a doctor to pursue your love of fishing? These girls can. Wait until you hear their story.
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How To Find New Offshore & Nearshore Fishing Spots (4-PART MINI-CLASS)

Want to see exactly how full-time charter captains find new offshore and nearshore spots? Then check out this 4-part mini-course from Capt. Hubbard.
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Spot Dissection: Tips for Finding Land Based Fishing Spots [Ormond Beach, FL]

Do you want to know how to find productive land-based fishing spots? In this Spot Dissection, I will be giving you tips on how to...
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This Is A Great Redfish & Trout Lure (When Fishing Thick Grass)

Want to see an excellent lure for catching redfish and trout in thick grass? Then check out Capt. C.A. Richardson's latest video tip. Tight lines!
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How To Find Big Schools Of Redfish Using Your Fish Finder

Do you want to see how the full-time captains identify big schools of redfish and snook using their fish finder? Then check out this new tip!
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Post Cold Front Trip: Sight Fishing Tailing Reds [Insider Report]

On this trip I fished a few days after a cold front came through and found a bunch of redfish that were very active. Quick...
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Fly Fishing Slam Trip During Cold Water Conditions [EG Simmons Park]

Cold fronts are continuing to roll in, so it’s essential to be able to adjust your strategy to handle cold snaps as they occur. For many...
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Chasebaits “Crusty Crab” Fishing Lure Review (Plus Retrieval Tips)

Have you tried these new imitation crabs from Chasebaits? I've been using them for the past month (and caught quite a few fish). Here's my candid take.
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Spot Dissection – Where to Fish Based on Tides and Current [Calcasieu Lake, LA]

Do you want to know where you should be targeting fish depending on tides and current? In this Spot Dissection, I will be giving you...
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