Shore Fishing From Davis Island

In this short shore fishing trip, I fished had a good amount of life: got a snook, trout, and a bunch of ladyfish to eat in less than 1 hour of fishing.
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Do Berkley Gulp Baits Really Work? And What’s In That Gulp Juice?

Want to know if Berkley Gulps really work? And want to know what's in the secret Gulp Alive juice? Then check out this ultimate post on Gulps. Enjoy.
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Insider Exclusive: “Spot Dissection” – Pensacola, Florida

Check out this awesome new spot dissection from Tony at Salt Strong. This week it's Pensacola, Florida.
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Why You Should Consider A Fish Finder In Your Kayak (Plus Install Tips)

Here are three reasons you might want to consider having a fish finder in your kayak. It has certainly given me an advantage on the water. Check it out.
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How To Use The New “Trend Finder” Tool For The Insider Club

The new Trend Finder tool for the Insider Fishing club is live. This post shows how to use it to help you know the exact types of spots to fish each trip.
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Double Davy Knot [Video Tutorial & Strength Test]

Wondering how strong the Double Davy Knot is? Or need directions on how to tie it? This post shows strength test results plus how to tie this popular knot.
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Here’s The Easy Way To Effectively Fish A Fly With Your Spinning Gear

Want to go fly fishing but don't have a nice fly rod? Well here's a way to fly fish with your spinning gear. Check it out.
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Have You Tried This Versatile & Affordable Inshore Rod (Calico Jack Review)

We stumbled upon this incredibly affordable and well-built inshore rod a while back and have caught everything from monster bull reds to snook to tarpon.
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How To Rig A Berkley Gulp Pogy Soft Plastic To Catch More Fish [VIDEO]

Want to see the best way to rig a Berkley Gulp pogy for more redfish, snook, trout, and tarpon bites? Then watch this Gulp pogy rigging video.
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The Best Loop Knot For Fluorocarbon Leader To Lure or Hook [Knot Contest]

Do you want to know the strongest fishing loop knot for fluoro leader to lure? Then check out this knot contest (and videos) between four top loop knots.
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Insider Exclusive: “Spot Dissection” – Yankeetown, Florida

Ever fish around the Yankeetown, Florida area? Well here are the exact spots that Tony would fish for this time of the year. Enjoy and tight lines.
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The Best Way To Transport A Kayak Or Paddleboard In A Truck

Do you transport your kayak or paddleboard in the back of a pick-up truck? Then check out this tip on protecting your investment for the long term
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The Quick And Easy Way To Rig Z-Man Jerkbaits [Cool Trick]

Z-Man jerkbaits are tougher to rig than most other soft plastics given their very strong material. But this cool rigging trick makes it very easy. Enjoy.
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Pelican Island – South Mosquito Lagoon (Sep 2017)

Tony Acevedo checked out an area at the south end of Mosquito Lagoon near Pelican Island and was able to catch an inshore slam of redfish, snook, and trout.
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How To Catch Backwater Tarpon Using This Improvised Lure Trick [VIDEO]

Would you like to see some tricks to catching baby tarpon using really small artificial lures? It might shock you just how small you can go. Watch this.
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