How To Sight Cast For Redfish On The Flats (VIDEO)


It’s sight fishing time!

If you’ve ever tried sight casting at a redfish or snook on a flat, you know it’s not as easy as some pros make it look.

First, you’ve got to find a feeding fish on the flats (that you haven’t spooked yet).

Second, you’ve got to find a way to get close enough to make a perfect cast without spooking the fish.

Third, your lure needs to make the perfect presentation in front of the fish’s face.

That’s a lot of things that need to go your way!

So here’s the big takeaway (before you watch Tony do this in real life below):

Cast far enough AHEAD & PAST the fish so that your lure or bait will intercept the fish directly in its path.

Check out how Salt Strong fishing coach Tony Acevedo does it below.

Enjoy and tight lines!

Sight Casting For Redfish

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Pretty cool stuff, huh!

Any questions on sight casting for redfish?

Let me know below.


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Tim Benson
5 years ago

Very cool!

Joseph Lancaster
5 years ago

Great video Tony. Love your comments about not spooking the fish which was a struggle of my own a short time ago. I’ve found locating the fish and their direction of movement helps. Then I set up ahead of them giving myself the best opportunity to land one. But you’re definitely right that there’s no bigger adrenaline rush than sight casting! Keep up the great work and I appreciate the footage.

5 years ago

Great catch! I got to watch a red chasing bait along a shoreline on Christmas day… I tried casting a gulp jerkbait just as you did (thanks for the advice on how to sightcast!), but she didn’t take! The water was fairly murky, but clearer in the shallows. I had frozen shrimp, so tossed one out to sit as i continued with the jerkbait. She took the shrimp! ???? Awesome 30″ red, but i was so hoping she’d take the artificial so i could claim a sightcasted catch!! ????????#stillgother

Bruce Somers
5 years ago

Tony I curious about how close you get before you cast. How far did you have to cast the soft plastic?

5 years ago

Awesome Video!! I have the exact same Coosa FD!!

5 years ago

Awesome video, just what it’s like!


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