4 Must Have Saltwater Kayak Fishing Accessories [VIDEO]

Do you want to see the four saltwater kayak fishing accessories that many of the top kayak anglers use the most? Then check out these four "must-haves".
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How To Handle An Emergency While Out On The Water Fishing.

Do you want to know the 4 tips to properly handling emergencies while out on the water boating or kayaking? Then check out this new guest blog post.
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The Secret To Never Getting Your Lure Stuck In A Mangrove Tree [VIDEO]

Do you want to see a simple trick to pop your lure out of pretty much any mangrove tree? Then check out this new inshore fishing tip.
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How Well Do You Really Know The Flounder? Take This QUIZ And Find Out!

Can You Answer All Ten Of These Flounder Questions Correctly? Take this quick flounder quiz and see how you stack up against other anglers!
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Are You Making These 3 Deadly Mistakes When Releasing Snook?

Do you want to see the three most common mistakes anglers make that end up killing thousands of snook after they are released? Then please read this.
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How To Get Back In Your Kayak After It Flips Over In Deep Water [VIDEO]

Do you want to see the 3 steps to getting back in your kayak the quickest way if you ever flip out? Then check out Luke getting dunked in this new video!
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How To Properly Prepare For Your First Inshore Fishing Tournament [PODCAST]

Do you want to know everything you need to do in order to prepare for your first inshore fishing tournament? This new podcast will spell it all out!
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3 Advanced Fishing Tips For Saltwater Kayak Anglers [VIDEO]

Do you want to know three "must know" saltwater kayak fishing tips that many of the top yak anglers are using to catch consistent fish? Then check this out!
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Amazing Day of “Exploration Fishing”: Anclote Key Fishing Report [VIDEO]

This Anclote Key fishing report spawned from looking out the window of a plane wondering what type of fish could be caught there... click to see the results
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11 Essential Saltwater Kayak Fishing Tips For Newbies

Do you want to see the 11 "Must Know" tips for anyone heading out for a day of saltwater kayak fishing? Then check out this post that is sure to be of help.
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Do You Make This Common Mistake While Casting? [VIDEO]

Do you want to see if you are making the #1 casting mistake that could cost you expensive lures and big fish? Then check out this brand new fishing tip!
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Anclote Key Slam with Chris Clark [April 2016]

J and I met up with Chris Clark after he won the March Strong Angler Challenge tournament to explore some areas near the Anclote River Park ramp.
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This One Casting Tip Can Significantly Increase Your Casting Distance & Accuracy [VIDEO]

Do you want to see the #1 Spinning Reel Casting Tip that can increase your distance and accuracy when casting artificial lures? Then check this video out!
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How You Can Catch More Inshore Slams In Just 3 Hours Guaranteed!

Do you want to catch more inshore fish in less time, save money, save time, & never have to worry about live bait again? Then check out this fishing course!
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Paddle Board Fishing: 3 “Must Know” SUP Fishing Tips [VIDEO]

Have you tried paddle board fishing? Thinking about it? Well, here are three must know paddle board fishing tips for anglers of all experience levels.
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