The Best Saltwater Fishing Tips: Salt Strong Newsletter (Aug 19, 2018)

By: Joe Simonds on August 19, 2018
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Below you will find the Salt Strong newsletter for the week ending August 19, 2018.

This newsletter shows a top summary of the new fishing tips that went live this past week (so that you don’t miss out on any of them).

It starts with our Salt Strong Insider tips and then highlights our public tips from this week.

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Top Insider Fishing Club [Exclusive Tips]

This section covers the top Insider fishing tips from this past week.

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1. How to Catch Fish on Cloudless Days [With Capt. C.A. Richardson] (Click Here)

2. How to Target Big Tarpon in South Florida [With Peter Miller] (Click Here)

3. The Best Way to Rig Berkley Gulp! Peeler Crabs (Click Here)

4. Spot Dissection: Finding Fishing Spots with Dark Bottom [Pointe Aux Chenes, LA] (Click Here)

5. Flying Tarpon In Islamorada While Fishing From SUP [Club Report] (Click Here)

Let us know any specific tips you want to see next month by leaving a comment below.

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Top Public Fishing Tips

Each week we release at least one new public fishing tip and also feature a popular one from years past in case you missed it.


1. How to Tie the San Diego Jam Knot [Video Tutorial and Step-by-Step Instructions] (Click Here)The San Diego Jam Knot

2. Easiest Way to Launch and Load a Boat by Yourself [Video Tutorial] (Click Here)launch and load a boat by yourself

3. Review: What You Need to Know About the Controlled Descent Lures (Click Here)Controlled Descent Lures Review

4. How To Back A Boat Trailer Down The Ramp Like A BOSS (VIDEO) (Click Here)how to back a boat down a ramp

5. Goofy Jigs: Are These The Best Lures For Catching Pompano On The Beach? (Click Here)Pompano on the bottom

The Fish Strong Podcast

Every week we sit down with a different fishing expert to discuss fishing topics, tell stories and have fun on the Fish Strong podcast.

Note: please subscribe to the Fish Strong podcast on iTunes so you never miss an episode!

1. The Top 10 Tips to Catch Big Trout in the Surf [With Kayaking Kennedy] (Click Here)trout in the surf

Best Fishing Knots

The knot we use for each connection in our line is one of the few factors involved with catching a fish of a lifetime that we have 100% control over.

So it’s on us to make sure we’re using the absolute best knot based on the connection type of lines used.

All fishing knots are NOT created equal, so strength testing is needed to determine the winners vs. the losers.

Here’s the latest list of the knots that we’ve tested so far for the various line types and connection needs:

The Best Fishing Knots Of All Time [Ranked Strongest To Weakest] (Click Here)Strongest Fishing Knots Guide


Our fisheries are something that we have to do our part in protecting. And that, of course, involves proper handling of our fish that are going to be released.

Here are two very helpful posts that describe the best ways to protect and handle fish:

The Truth About Catch & Release Fishing Backed By Science (Click Here)

Speckled Trout

The Complete Guide To Catch, Photo, & Release Fishing (Click Here)

Salt Strong Fishing Club (Member Spotlight)

Fishing Club member Joe Sheaffer with a nice redfish from earlier this week (click here to see all of the fishing reports)

Fishing Club member Eddie King with his personal best snook while bridge fishing in Sarasota this week (click here to see all of the fishing reports)

Fishing Club member Richard Guynn with a pair of Steinhatchee redfish (click here to see all of the fishing reports)

Fishing Club member Adam Williams with a good Marco Island Snook  (click here to see all of the fishing reports)

Fishing Club member Eric Lhopitault with a lunker largemouth from this week  (click here to see all of the fishing reports)

I hope you enjoyed these fishing tips for the week.

Any questions or comments about any tip?

Any specific tips or tactics you want us to cover next?

Just me know in the comments below… we are here to help you!

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Tight lines!

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Sergio Ochoa

Texas tips, more Texas tips! Would love to see Texas fishing captains on a course too! Maybe even get to see Salt Strong have a booth at the Houston Fishing Show next year!

Robert Olson

I would like to know more about how fish respond the big infux change of brackish water and clean sea water found in inlets that are fed by rivers. i fish Winyah Bay, seems i only catch fish in the clean sea water not in the low tide time of brackish water, do they follow the clean water back and forth? do they go deeper to a lower thermocline where the brackish water is above sea water, do they move shallow to cover. some kind of dissection to help out with this situation

Warren DeWight Burris

I watched your whole video. When is your next trip to NC? Disabled vet here with no boat and would love to be able to be better at reading the surf and finding Red Drum hang outs in the surf.

Reynold Palmer

This is a little off topic, but what App do you use to transfer you videos once you download to your computer to send by E-mail or shift to YouTube? There seem to be lot of Apps out there but not sure what is the best and easiest to use? All your videos look and sound great.

Sam Craparo

Would like more product reviews on inshore baitcasting products. I realize spinning gear is by far the most popular way to go in Florida. Have medical issues that make it difficult to use spinning gear. It seems it is more popular in Texas and Louisiana. Thanks as always for the great information.

Emitte Tutor

where can I get a no banana hat?.
as for my biggest problem holding me back when fishing it would be current. I am used to fish places with no current and little tide fluctuation. I am now fishing in an area with fast moving current and big tide fluctuation. In the passed we fished with 1/8 and 1/4 oz jig heads. But where we fish now I can not feel the bottom making it hard to feel the strike.

Robert Bulla

Hey Joe, I love your videos keep em coming. “Pa Pow”

Joe Chamberlain

Hello Joe, a workshop idea I would like to see is a breakdown of the best days to Fish during the month as moon phase and tidal cooefficient are considered. Keep it simple with say trout and reds. Also keep it general, understanding some areas have very specific feeding peaks due to local features.
Yes, I saw the tidal breakdown that Luke did. Well done. But more time on moon phases please. Thx

Robert Olson

I have found that when fishing a creek i will go on a quarter moon phase (in between full and new) that way you have a lower high tide and a higher low tide, the water is high enough to get in the creek but not high enough for the water to spill over the banks into the grass, the fish are confined to the creek channel and wont be going off in the grass where I cant get to them. Hopefully Joe can elaborate more on the subject

Ken Gruning

Hi Joe, I fish on the central west coast of Florida near Horseshoe Beach and Cedar Key, Joined your club last week and have been looking for some advise on Chumming , From how, when, and where to. couldn’t find any articles on this aspect, can you possibly do a video on this issue? thank you my friend. Proud to be a Salt Strong Club member.

Larry Widdifield

Sitting here at our lake in Ontario Canada I can’t wait to trade in my walleye and bass rod for some salt water fishing this winter. We purchased a home in Punta Gorda Isles last year so all these tips are certainly going to be helpful. Red tide is all over the news. I’d like to hear good advice from experienced fishermen vs the news media. How do you still get on the water to have fun and a good day of fishing. Great job and happy to be a member.

Daniel Carney

I watch the videos all the time, very informative and I enjoy the videos you and Luke present. A couple of topics I would like see covered are the best rod/reel/line weights for various types of inshore fishing. Which set up is best for working popping corks on the flats, flipping deep into the mangroves, fishing swimbaits or twitch baits, fishing live baits like fiddler crabs or shrimp for Sheepshead. I know one general purpose medium action rod, 3000 class reel and 15 lb braid covers a lot of these techniques but I am sure more specific set ups would probably result in more fish and improved presentations.
As a senior citizen I often deal with a sore shoulder or just plain muscle fatigue after hours of casting. Maybe do a video on some rods, reels and matching line that are strong enough to land most inshore species but light enough handle on extended outing with lots of casting without breaking the bank.
One last thought, I make several visits a year to my house in SWST Florida and often have friends and family from up north that just want to catch any type of fish. Other than floating across grass flats with a popping cork and shrimp do you have a suggestion for an easy to use, multi-species presentation?

Dr Arthur Groves PhD

Hi, I have the paid Navionics app on my Samsung 8+, however, I can not see it when I’m on the water is there a device that you recommend that is easy to see that I should invest in? I am a member of Waves boat club so I don’t always get the same boat. I need something that is portable. Your advice would be extremely helpful to me.
Thank you in advance,
Dr Art

James Grissom

Joe The Salt Strong Club that you and Luke created along-with informative tips and videos from Tony ,and all the great Pro’s have greatly improved my time on the water. Your Spot dissections and Satellite maps useage has allowed me to find places , that I useally drove passed. Thank you all so much .I don’t know if there’s many guys out there new to useing chart plotters/fish finders while fishing in shore but any tips would truly help us newbes.

Cleve Carpenter

Hey guys!! I see where you are coming to Louisiana this week!! Glad to have you. Some tips. Watch out for the thunder boomers!!! A week ago, the bite was early morning only! Early is also good in most cases to dodge the storms. Don’t know where you will be but the big ones are in the surf from Grand Isle to Port Fourchon. Lots of good reports on the east side of the Mississippi River, Hopedale, Buras, Venice. If you see Captain Ryan Lambert, he will put you on the fish. My wife and I will be fishing out of Leeville this coming weekend!!! Have a great trip and if y’all are down our way, give us a holler!!! Be safe!! And good luck!!!
Cleve Carpenter

Eric Clark

Morning Joe. I’ve watched almost all the courses and I am still struggling with the artificial. I been catching some nice reds but on live bait. Can you do a course on just the “art” of the artificial? I know it’s covered in the courses, but there has to be more to it, because i will still get skunked if i rely on just plastics. Torn up by pins and puffers. If I do get a strike I can’t seem to hook em. Thanks for all u guys do.

Richard Partynski

I am just an entry level Saltwater fisherman and I want to start building my rod & reel setups and most of the posts are either a 7′ or 7 1/2 ft rod length. For redfish, trout & snook is it 7 or 7 1/2 and I am a bit confused over light or med med action.

Thank you

Luke Simonds

Hey Richard, there are an absolute ton of options when it comes to rod selection. And the answer is often based on preferences of the angler. For me, I find that 7’6″ MH (or Medium for some manufacturers) power fast action rods are typically what I like best for targeting inshore fish with artificial lures. And since I use artificials most of the time, I’ll use the same rods for live bait too and they work just fine.

If using mostly life bait like shrimp and small baitfish that need softer casts, then it’s often smart to go down to the M to ML range.

Note: The actual power for a given rating like Medium or Medium Heavy varies based on manufacturer, so make the decision based on feel vs. just the rating. Here’s a post that explains details and gives examples of good rods to seek out:

Brian Biolchini

For me with a very tight schedule it seems I have to play catch up to see all the E Mails that I receive in a weeks time. I see videos I want to watch but have to always play catch up. The App has really helped me out so thank you.

Steven Jefferies

Don’t forget about tripletail. Do some of that if you can. Got to love tripletail fishing.

Also, if y’all make another trip along I-10 toward LA, take time to stop a couple days around Mobile and Dauphin Island. Great fishing and I could take yall out for a trip or two.

Ed Lee
Ed Lee

After two outings on the Texas coast I have yet to catch my first redfish. This past weekend I hooked up with a 25-30” red, but she spit the hook. (*tears). My need for a tip is how to manage a kayak when stalking fish. I have trouble with making noise when approaching an area,setting the stake out pole, and adjusting the anchor trolley. Any tips?

Also, I saw tons of large mullet pushing water. Any tips on identifying redfish vs large bait in the water?

Jared Martin

Next time y’all come you should DEFINITELY come and fish the Pointe Aux Chene area and visit PAC Kayak Rentals. Mr. Eddie and his wife Lisa are top notch people. They offer mothershipping and have several amazing locations like the “Pumpkin Patch”. They’ve got a great little tackle shop with plenty of artificials as well as live bait as well as the first kayak specific launch in LA.

Rob Sears

Given the knowledge of some of the pros, occasionally it would be helpful to hear their assessments about the health of the fisheries and marine habitat in areas they fish. If substantially changed, how has that impacted their fishing. Joe, you have a tough job but you’re good at it.

Dave Otte

Joe, while you’re on your way to LA would you please see if you can stop in the eastern shore of the mobile area and do an insider report? I would love to have a ‘benchmark’ area to fish from. Just an idea if you can consider it. Thanks Brother Joe!!

Charles Dewhurst

Would love to have some Target Dissections in St Augustine, Matanzas River area. I live close to the S 206 bridge at Crescent Beach. There is lots of oyster bars, and no sea grass that I can see. I’m a transplant from S FL where we had clear water, here the water is dark and you can’t really see the pot holes. Really having a problem targeting fish. The locals all tell me wait till October – November and It will pick up. Could use some help here. I did see Tony had one video some time ago north of St Aug.

Lance Stuke
Lance Stuke

Curious where you’ll be fishing in Louisiana. I recommend the Shell Beach/Lake Borgne/Biloxi Marsh area but ever Louisiana fisherman has their favorites

Gregory Batchelor

Hi Joe, just keep up the great work! I am going to send you an email in depth, of Cindy’s and My personal Ministry, Fillets of Soul… we got started and where we are now. NO, we are not going 501C at this point, but we do what we do for the Glory of God to feed fish to those in need, from the fish we catch on a weekly basis that are great to eat. Stay tuned! Over, out……………

Matthew Bone

Where in when are you coming to Louisiana Fish I fish out of Myrtle Grove in Plaquemines Parish Louisiana.

Dennis Mogle

71 y/o big time bass fishing but new to saltwater. Biggest fear is getting stuck ( once) and getting lost disoriented more than once. 22 ft seahunt open console. What is the best 10 – 12 inch chart plotter/ fish finder combo for visibility in high sun. Fish out of Key Largo. Any help will be appteciated. Your mastery courses have been incredibly helpful. Hundreds of sea trout. Looking to reviewing the other mastery courses in November when I leave Michigan.

David Wolf

You guys are great- You work hard and Share, ShaRE, SHARE.
Since LA is on your list – how does LA fish mid march?

Andy Meresse

Would love to see you guys stop off in the Carrabelle/St. Marks/Appalachicola area. Also, any chance of maybe getting some tips for guys like me who are stuck with a stern drive runabout boat? It’s so frustrating not being able to get shallow enough.