Exciting news!

The all-new Salt Strong tackle store is officially open!

Here’s the problem: walking into a tackle store can be so overwhelming, especially if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for.

I mean, is an entire wall of jig heads really necessary?

Plus, how do you know what equipment is a waste of money, and what is actually quality stuff?

Growing up, Luke and I wasted THOUSANDS of dollars on tackle (Luke has an entire spare bedroom of fishing stuff he doesn’t even use) because of these very problems.

So to help you not fall into the same trap we did, we’ve redesigned the Salt Strong tackle store.

Listen in to this episode as we share how you can get the best tackle for the type of fishing you’re doing, the state of the fishing tackle industry, and (most importantly) how you can save hundreds of dollars on tackle every year.

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salt strong shop

When most tackle stores decide if they should carry a product, their big question is this: can we sell this?

But when we decide on whether or not we should carry a product, our question is this: will this help our customers catch more fish?

We’re super excited for this new store and you can visit it at

If you have any products you really love and want us to test out to see if it’ll make the cut to get in the store, reach out to us at

And if you want 20% (or more) off of the products in the store, join us in the Insider Club!

As an Insider, you’ll also get our best fishing spots and tips.

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Evan Van Auken
8 months ago

Let’s just say I was eyeing the Bull Bay Stealth Sniper rod you guys have in stock, MHF 8-17 # 7’6″. What reel from your inventory would pair best, in your opinion? I am basically just going for Snook, Reds, and Trout.

8 months ago
Reply to  Evan Van Auken

My favorite for overall reel for that rod is the Quantum Smoke 30 because it’s light enough to cast all day while being strong enough to handle bull reds.

Evan Van Auken
8 months ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds

Thanks a lot!

Adell Ward
9 months ago

Hey guys you need to check out this new l found called BEYOND BRAID, the price is about the same as the J braid line that walmart sells l would say about $10 per 150yards and they can sell by the spool up to 2000yards, up to 100lbs, fresh and salt, l think its better than the POWERPRO and cast longer too.

Giomar Jaramillo
6 months ago
Reply to  Adell Ward

Sorry but tackle advisors made it very clear in a recent video that beyond braid is some of the worse braid out there and even the people who made the commercial just made up a script and never even used the line when they made it

Russell Regel
9 months ago

Do you think that you will ever put rod & reel combos for different types of fishing?

9 months ago
Reply to  Russell Regel

We’ll be growing the store as the club continues to grow, so it’s just a matter of time before it encompasses all types of fishing. For this start-up phase, it’s specifically designed for fishermen who are targeting redfish, seatrout, flounder, and snook.

Arthur C.
9 months ago

Great video… my wife says that I am the poster child for overspending on fishing tackle. It looks like the tackle store will not only help me become a better angler by focusing on what really works but will also keep out of the doghouse.

9 months ago
Reply to  Arthur C.


Larry Banach
9 months ago

Guys, for us amateurs it would be really helpful if you put a simple little description with each product and how it matches with your other products, etc.. For instance the 5″ Slam Shady – what size hook works best? – what fish are you targeting with this? – when does this color work best? I find myself trying to find one of your great videos that discusses those things, but it would be great to have that info with each product, even if you have a pop-up link with each product that gives this “essential” info. That’s one way you could rise above the “big-box” stores that give us no help at all. Thanks for all of your great info and a great new store!

9 months ago
Reply to  Larry Banach

Great feedback Larry! I am pleased to report that those tip videos are mostly done and I’m finishing up the ones that aren’t there yet now. For example of how they’ll be, please check out the video at the top of the Trout Eye product linked here:

Please let me know if you believe I should add more or if I should take out anything (I’ve been trying to find the right balance of helpful info vs. not taking up too much time).

Larry Banach
9 months ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds

Luke, the videos are great! Just a suggestion though – on the main sales page for the trout-eye jighead, for instance – some simple quick-reference bullet points would help. I had to watch the entire video to get this info. Here’s some sample bullet points:

-1/8 oz best for 1-1/2′ to 2-1/2′ deep water
-3/16 oz best for 3′ to 5′ deep water
-1/4 oz best for water over 5′ deep
-For fast current use the heavier weight jighead
-Best lure – Slam Shady 2.0 paddletail
-Works for all types of fish

Thanks again for listening to all of us and our suggestions!

Richard Fiorentino
9 months ago

Have you ever entertained setting up deals with your vendors for ‘ drop shipping’? it would save you from needing large inventories and reduce shipping times and cost.

Richard Fiorentino
9 months ago

Just the fact that I never have to go to a tackle store again makes the SS membership a great value.

9 months ago

I have used the slam shady with the “eyes” jig head. Caught Fluke, weakfish, Sea Robins, bluefish. All on the same lure before I had to change it!! Listen to your podcasts all the time. Ready to join the insider club but need to know if any one else in NY area is using your stuff ( rod, reels and tackle). That way the test is to see how it works on the fish in my area

9 months ago
Reply to  Rich

We have hundreds of members in NY who are enjoying the Insider Club. I recommend giving it a shot because you have nothing to lose… if you somehow don’t find that you’re catching more fish per trip from our tips while saving money from the product discounts over the next 365 days, you can get all of your dues back.

9 months ago

I recently watched your video on how fish detect scent and which ones turn off the fish. I have also seen videos were the host suggest using Super glue on the knots, Is this effective and does the chemical scent detour the fish??

9 months ago
Reply to  Anonymous

I do not recommend putting glue on knots… it won’t add any strength to a good knot and it could very well cause fish to turn away if the glue is giving off scent.

9 months ago

You have any members in New York

9 months ago
Reply to  Rich

Yes, we have over 250 members who live in NY now.


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