Slam Shady Mulligan VS. Z-Man DieZel MinnowZ [Casting Contest]

Time for the Slam Shady Mulligan VS. Z-Man DieZel MinnowZ Casting Contest!!!

This video is a continuation of our quest to find the paddletail that casts the farthest so you can catch more inshore fish!

Our NEW Slam Shady Mulligan is a 4-inch paddletail with dimples designed to cast far to reach those fish that your friends can’t!

We’ve pinned that against the Z-Man DieZel MinnowZ to see which lure casts the farthest.

Check out the full casting contest here!!

Slam Shady Mulligan VS. Z-Man DieZel MinnowZ [VIDEO]

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The Slam Shady Mulligan is covered with small dimples to behave similarly to a golf ball.

This contest is all about learning the impact of those dimples and how the Mulligan compares to lures without them.

We’ve pinned the Slam Shady Mulligan up against the Z-Man DieZel MinnowZ in this one.

The cool thing about these two lures is they are both 4 inches long and weigh the EXACT same amount.

For the contest, I used the same exact rod and reel setup for both lures.

And both lures were rigged up on a 3/0 Hoss Helix Hook weighing 1/8 oz.

We conducted this test on a small beach with the wind slightly pushing onto the water but not by much.

I performed 5 casts with each lure and pinned the marks in the sand to determine a clear winner.

Contest Results

The first flags we came upon were pink at just over 90 feet.

The pink flags represent the Z-Man DieZel MinnowZ casting distance.

As I mentioned before, both of these lures are excellent inshore fishing options.

The focus of this contest is how much the design of each lure impacts the casting distance.

Keep in mind if you are fishing with heavier jigheads, that will also impact your casting distance.

From the center of the pink flags, I walked out to the green flags that indicate the Slam Shady Mulligan.

The difference was about 12 feet.

This seems like a small distance but every 12 additional feet you are able to cast for every 100 casts equates to 4 FOOTBALL FIELDS of additional casting distance.

The fish closest to you are most likely going to be extra spooky and aware of your presence.

So the fact that the Mulligan casts a bit further puts you directly in an advantageous strike zone.

The more water we can cover in a short amount of time, the better.


Overall, make sure to think about which lure you are fishing with depending on the conditions in order to maximize your results.

If you are fishing shallow water and want to cover as much area as possible, the Slam Shady Mulligan is the obvious choice.

We’ve teamed up with Z-Man to create the Slam Shady lure color and implement it into several lure designs.

Z-Man soft plastics are best used in areas where you need durability.

Z-Man’s ElaZtech material is strong and stretchy which extends the life of their lures.

Even if I don’t regularly throw the DieZel MinnowZ, I always have a few in my tackle bag on every trip.

ElaZtech can help protect your lures against mackerel or pufferfish that have sharper teeth and shred plastics.

Both of these lures are ESSENTIALS in an inshore saltwater angler’s tackle bag.

Do you have any questions about this lure casting contest??

What are some other experiments or contests you want to see?

Please go ahead and leave a comment down below!!!

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➡ 3/0 Hoss Helix Hooks 1/8 oz.

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James Wilson
7 months ago

Great video thanks for taking the time to do this study.

Robert Taylor
7 months ago

Awesome video Luke! Thank you for sharing.

Frank Hunnes
7 months ago

Luke, good review and you also proved that Joe was telling the truth about the dimples on the Mulligan!! Ha, ha!!

Steven Free
7 months ago

While I do agree the mulligan is a great paddletail that catches lots of different inshore species I donot believe the dimples in them make any difference in there casting distance think about it you say the mulligan is designed with the dimples because golf balls have them and that’s why a golf ball travels so far well yea a ball would it has very little drag unlike a paddletail lure that has line attached to it and the not so aerodynamic shape I believe the line puts a big drag and hindrance on how far the lure can be cast and very small dimples to me would not make a difference in fact I remember on one day fishing I was using a mulligan but then decided to switch to a gulp paddlrstail se jighead and pretty much same size bait both are 4 inches but the mulligan is a little narrower and guess what the gulp went just a little bit further say maybe 10ft but me living and fishing in northeast florida jacksonville area I don’t need or casr that far anyways unlike you guys and gals that fish in the very clear waters of Central and South Florida you people have to use light lines and cast far because the fish are so sensitive because of the clear water not so at all here where I live and fish my average cast is about 20 to 25 yards unlike yours that’s I know at least double that but I can tell you for over 20 years fishing the inshore saltwater I catch plenty of fish in fact most of the anglers around d here don’t cast that far either but that’s my opinion I will never fish where your at because of the ungodly heat you guys and gals put up with I’ll stick to old northeast fl where the weather is a bit more comfortable and the worry of hurricanes are very little anyways like I said that’s my opinion you have yours and I have mine thanks for the info and all you and your club does for us inshore anglers👍😉

Ray Markham
7 months ago

I might have missed it. How many casts did you make with each lure? I’m thinking the more casts made the more reduction of variables and a better average distance. Cool test.

Matt Pfeiffer
7 months ago

Great intel on this! Love all the comparison videos, always very interesting. Thanks for taking the time to have such a rough day at the office for the betterment of us all.

Robert Stewart
7 months ago

Enjoyed the comparison, Luke. Keep up the good work. Look forward to meeting you and your brother a month from now. Tight lines.

Rick Rogoski
7 months ago

Just reading this article, you did not say what the average length of the cast for the Mulligan was? You did state the shortest cast for the Mulligan was +12 feet.
Can you test the yield strength of Floro vs Mono vs Braid? Is there a national standard for fishing line?

Joseph Simonds
7 months ago

Good stuff. Love that Slam Shady Mulligan!

7 months ago

Hmmm…Is it possible the small “fin” on the Z-Man lure is creating a tiny bit more wind resistance and that reduces its travel?


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