Soft Plastic Lure Mend Experiment [Results From On-The-Water Test]

After some on-the-water testing, it’s time to reveal the Soft Plastic Lure Mend Experiment Results!

I conducted an experiment to see which type of soft plastic lure mending solution works best for repairing torn plastics.

After applying two different kinds of mending solutions to different lures, I tested them in action on some hungry fish.

Take a look!!

Soft Plastic Lure Mend Experiment Results [VIDEO]

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Featured Lures:

I used both Spike-It Fix-A-Lure and Mend-It to see which would be most effective.

The F.R.E.D. BOMBER tore when I was reeling in bull redfish earlier this fall.

So I made a simulated tear in another Slam Shady BOMBER to compare each of the mending solutions.

Additionally, I split a Slam Shady BOMBER and Gold Digger BOMBER to create the ‘FRANKEN-BOMBER’ using the mending glues.

I’ve dubbed it the “Slam-Digger”.

Before taking these lures to the water, I stretch-tested them at the desk just to see how well the mending glues held.

Also, there was no detectable odor that was offputting that may jeopardize the action of these lures.

Since the first video in this test came out, comments mentioning the use of Super Glue have come in.

Using Super Glue is okay to use as well but keep in mind super glue does have an odor and sticks to EVERYTHING.

Neither one of the Spike-It or Mend-It products stuck to my hands when applying them to the lures.

I took all of these lures out to the water with me that I fixed and I had an absolute day.

I was able to pluck multiple redfish out of a school using the repaired F.R.E.D. BOMBER.

The Slam-Digger was also successful and reeled in a few redfish close to the kayak.

Curing time was also a BIG question that came in after the first edition of this lure test.

It turns out that less of the mending solution means more.

Just a little product goes a long way and you can actually glue the pieces back together faster.

The total curing time after applying the solutions was about 1 minute or so.

If you hold the lure together in place, it will hold quicker.


soft plastic lure mend test

Both of these mending solutions were a success!!

If you tear soft plastic lures on fish or want to customize your own lures, either Spike-It Fix-A-Lure or Mend-It will do the trick!

What other kinds of soft plastic lure tests do you want to see?

Please let me know down in the comments so I can head out and get to testing!

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Andy Secret
1 year ago

Good Stuff

Randall Phelps
1 year ago

Thanks for this tip. I need to fix some torn lures.

Terry Dickey
1 year ago

Where do find the product for gluing them back together

1 year ago

Hi Matt,
How about try lengthwise the belly from a slam shady and the top either alabama leprechan or gold-digger in the the paddletail but stop 3/4 of the way before messing with the tail.

Pat Ogletree
1 year ago

Good stuff Matt!

Todd FIx
1 year ago

I have used the super glue method and have tested it on the water. I had no problems catching fish after using the super glue. I’m kind impatient and don’t like waiting for glues to cure.

Randall Phelps
1 year ago
Reply to  Todd FIx

When super glue dries, it is usually stiff and brittle. You didn’t experience any loss of action in the lures performance?

Todd FIx
1 year ago

This is good to know! How long did those glue’s take to cure?

John Cho
1 year ago

Just in time for Halloween…. The new and improved Frankin-lure!
How will the different types of plastic mend together??

Robert Kuralowicz
1 year ago

Maybe an option to create match the hatch lures by shortening or lengthening baits. Create a Baby Prawn or Sand Eel-like 7″- 8″ Bomber or Shad for Stripers in the North.

Ronald Scott
1 year ago

Please try a bomber with a shrimp tail section


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