#1 Way To Rig A Soft Plastic Lure On A Jighead

Without a doubt, this is the BEST way to rig a soft plastic lure on a jighead.

Not only that, but this rigging method will save you time and, more importantly, money.

Take a look!!

#1 Way To Rig A Soft Plastic Lure On A Jighead [VIDEO]

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First, slide the hook point of the jighead into the head of the soft plastic as you normally would.

Make sure the hook comes out through the center of the lure.

Stop once you get to the barbs of the jighead.

Don’t push the lure over the barbs just yet.

Twist the lure 90 degrees and then push it up and over the barbs.

Then, twist the lure back into place.

This is what we call the 90-degree load.

All of the plastic in front of the hook and between the jighead has never been touched.

Therefore, the connection is stronger and extends the life of your soft plastics.

It’s not as easy for fish to steal your lures and you don’t have to change the action at all.

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Do you have any further questions about the 90-degree load technique or how to rig a soft plastic lure on a jighead in general?

Let me know if you do anything similar or different when rigging your soft plastics on a jighead!!

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10 months ago

Good information !

10 months ago

Hey Pat…any recommendations for Z Man ElaZtech? Best I’ve found are the Z Man Finesse jig heads. Any others with double barbs are really tough to position close to the jig head past the barbs

10 months ago
Reply to  Pat Ogletree

Thanks Pat. Appreciate the feedback 👍

10 months ago

Use death grip jig heads made in Louisiana and the soft plastic lure will never move on the jig head.Hard to even pull off.

Mark Ethridge
10 months ago

Thanks Pat!

Frank Hunnes
10 months ago

Great tip! This will help me save a lot of lures! Thanks!!

Scott Warbritton
10 months ago

Great job. Very helpful 
Seems simple but is confusing! 
I see people doing it differently on every video. 
Does the hook come out the belly or the back of the lure? 
I understand some of the different ways to rig the soft plastics depend on if you are trying to make it weedless. But even with exposed hook rigging. I see the hook coming out the bottom and the back? I understand that seem plastic shapes have a pronounced back and belly and others don’t.

Richard Thompson
10 months ago

Good tip Pat , thanks

Jan Maly
10 months ago

Thanks for that one!

Mark R. Johnson
10 months ago

I like to add a dab of the gel super glue to the nose of the solt plastic. Another suggestion depending in the type of soft plastic. If the lure has an angled nose, clip off the nose and it will give you a thicker bait for the barbs to hold on to.

Dennis Mackin
10 months ago

I see your slam shady 2.0 has a slight bend in it. Would you still use it? I would but Luke seems like a stickler for ultra straight.


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