Stop Using Treble Hooks (And Do THIS Instead)!!!



Instead, we recommend swapping out your treble hooks for single inline replacement hooks.

It’s easier on you and on the fish.

Take a look below!!

Stop Using Treble Hooks [VIDEO]

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Questions have been coming in asking how to replace treble hooks on lures and which way they should be facing.

For this demonstration, I’m changing out the treble hooks on the Heddon Super Spook Jr. with single replacement hooks to mirror the Moonwalker.

First, you need a pair of split-ring pliers and some replacement inline hooks.

An additional option when replacing the hooks is to also replace the split rings with your own choice.

If you have a brand new lure or the split rings look worn out, then you can go ahead and replace those as well.

The entire system is only as strong as its weakest link.

So if you are fishing with older lures or use the same lure often, take a look at the condition of the split rings.

How To Remove The Treble Hooks

Split ring pliers have one flat end and another end with a small notch on it designed to separate the split rings for removal and installation.

On each split ring, you will see one of the ends come in from the right and the other come in from the left.

I always start out on the right end and that’s to maintain consistency.

Hold the hook in your off-hand and insert the straight end of the pliers through the center of the split ring.

Place the end with the notch in between the wires of the split ring.

Do this slightly off the end of the wire to give yourself room for the hook to slide on.

Now, simply squeeze down on the pliers and that will open the gap in the split rings.

Then, rotate the hook out and off the split ring.

Repeat this process for as many trebles as there are on your lure.

If some split rings are giving you a hard time and won’t open up, slightly moving them usually does the trick.

Putting Replacement Hooks On New Lure

The first thing we need to think of is which direction the hooks will face once put on the lure.

The Moonwalker has its front hook facing forwards and the back hook facing backward.

For this demonstration, I am replacing the hooks on the Super Spook Jr. with 3/0 Single Inline Replacement Hooks 3X.

That “3X” means that the wire in these hooks is intended for hooks three times the size of a 3/0.

The reason for using a heavier hook is that the trebles that were initially on the lure were on the heavier side as well.

So the hooks are very close to the same weight which won’t directly impede the action of the lure.

When you’re changing out the hooks on smaller lures, the difference is negligible.

But with larger lures, the weight of the hooks is something to take into account.

Start the same way as we did before and guide the flat end of the pliers through the split ring and pop it open with the other end.

Give yourself a little room on the end so when you squeeze down on the split ring, there is enough room for the hook.

Right at this point in the process is where many mistakes are made.

With the pliers holding the split ring in one hand, take the replacement hook in your other hand and turn the lure so it is facing away from you.

Hold it almost vertical in front of you so the back of the lure is facing away from you.

This indicates to you that the hook needs to face away from you.

Slide the hook onto the split ring and work it around onto the lure.

By making sure the lure and hook are facing away from you, the hook will go on in the correct direction.

Now, we’re going to do something similar with the front hook.

Instead of it facing head down, now have the lure facing head up.

Start it the exact same way as the previous hook and repeat the process.


how to change treble hooks for single hooks

This is the most consistent method I’ve found for replacing treble hooks with single inlines while making sure they face the correct way.

If you do this enough times and repeat it the same way each time, this will become second nature.

Do you have any lingering questions about replacing treble hooks with single inlines?

Please ask away down in the comments section!!

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Stuart Simon
8 months ago

Hi Pat ,looking to replace treble hook on a 3/4oz new acme kast master. What inline hook and size would you recommend,just one hook on lure ( don’t want to ruin action).Also what type knot on leader, loop or not. Thanks in advance. P.S. I don’t know size of their treble for 3/4oz

Richard Frank
11 months ago

Good day artic fishing in 45 degree water. Caught some 20+ spot tail. Slam shady out fished Gulp and power prawn 5 to1.

Richard Frank
11 months ago

Good day on the water 45 degree artic fishing. Caught some 20+ spots,slam shady out fished Gulp and power prawn 5 to 1. Couldn’t buy a trout.

Michael Greene
1 year ago

Thanks Pat. Good stuff. When I change mine out once the treble hook has been removed I go right back on with the new hook while the split ring is still open.

Tom Annunziata
1 year ago

Great information. I changed out a bunch of lure to single hooks. Lot easier to handle and seems to work well catching fish. Thanks

Gary Rankel
1 year ago

I’ve replaced the online hooks on the Moonwalker with Trokar EWG trebles and seem to get better hookups.

Gary Rankel
1 year ago
Reply to  Pat Ogletree

Thanks, Pat. I haven’t tried to compare success of bigger vs smaller fish, just overall strikes, but I missed a good number of what I think were pretty big snook in recent weeks. Do you know if the Owners’ hooks are as light and strong as the Trokars?

Gary Rankel
1 year ago
Reply to  Pat Ogletree

Thanks, Pat

Roger Lee
1 year ago

Thanks pat! What way should I put my in line hooks on a lure that has 3 trebles?

Randall Hale
1 year ago

Thanks Pat!! This was not as clear in the other videos.
I don’t go to tackle stores very often and find I purchase most of my tackle online. It’s hard to determine which size hook is best, when you’re comparing it to a photo on a website.

1 year ago
Reply to  Randall Hale

The attached chart from Jann’s Net Craft is the best reference I have seen for hooks as well as other items for fishing.

Robert Rapisarda
1 year ago

Many lures come with split rings on the front of the lure. Do you remove the split ring and tie directly to the lure and why?

Rob S
1 year ago

If able to tie a loop knot, it will do what the split ring does. In that case, the split ring can be removed. A split ring is one more piece of terminal tackle that can fail albeit rare.

Brian Hunter
1 year ago

Thanks Pat. What make and size hooks come standard now on the Moonwalker?


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