Permit, Cubera Snapper, and Pompano (All Surf Fishing)!

By: Joseph Simonds on April 19, 2019
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This guy is crushing it from the beach!

Not only does Caleb Couture catch your usual suspects from the beach like pompano and whiting, but he’s even caught cubera snapper, bonefish and permit!

Caleb does a little bit of everything, from chartered surf fishing trips, to tieing and selling his own pompano rigs, to commercial fishing, and, most importantly, does this all while being a dad to FIVE kids!

In this podcast Caleb shares:

  • How to find the feeding zones on a beach (using signals from the water, shore, and birds to determine these spots)
  • How long he waits to see if a spot will produce fish (so he’s never wasting his time)
  • His secrets for catching PERMIT from shore
  • What he does when the pompano aren’t running (hint: he’s still catching loads of big fish!)
  • How he’s using his fishing skills and network to help his community

You can listen to the podcast by clicking the play button below, or on iTunes or Stitcher.

(P.S. want to see the best fishing spots and what the fish are biting RIGHT NOW in your area? Check out our SUPER-Community here.)

Permit, Cubera Snapper, & Pompano (Surf Fishing!) [PODCAST]

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Think you can take these tips and have a successful day at the beach?

If you want more Caleb you can find him here:

And if you want to order his rigs or book a charter, message him on Facebook or Instagram, or give him a call at 321-271-1061.

Have any questions about surf fishing?

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