Targeting Bull Redfish 101 [Baits, Handling, & More]


In this video, we’re going over Targeting BULL Redfish 101!!!

The goal should be to target and catch a bull redfish nearly every time you hit the water.

But there’s a lot that goes into targeting a higher class of fish.

Take a look!!

Targeting Bull Redfish 101 [VIDEO]

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First and foremost, bull redfish NEED to be handled properly and with care.

These fish carry the genes to pass along to the next stock of bull redfish and so on.

It is key to handle the fish properly and give it the right release so it can spawn and bring more bull reds into our waters.

Additionally, the type of bait you use plays a role in targeting bull redfish.

You can use all sorts of different baits such as whiting, mullet, or even blue crab.

We ended up using Live Finger Mullet during this redfish tournament.

The live finger mullet performed really well on this day because we just had a new moon and the tide was ripping quite fast.

Live finger mullet gives off lots of vibration that attracts predatory fish.

We did have cut bait in the form of ladyfish and mullet down at the bottom that really wasn’t getting any attention.

A lot of times this gives you a gauge of what the fish are biting and how to rig your baits for the day.

Setup & Gear

We used 8/0 Gamakatsu Inline Circle Hooks and simply rigged the mullet through the bottom lip up and out the top lip.

The rig was held down at the bottom with a 4 oz. weight on a dropper rig with 60lb Ande Monofilament leader.

You need to be using circle hooks when targeting these bull redfish.

It ensures a safe fight and release for that fish and for you.

With circle hooks, you can leave the rod in the rod holder and let the fish hook themselves.

Circle hooks are designed to stick right in the corner of the fish’s mouth.

You DO NOT want to try and set the hook with circle hooks.

That is not what these hooks are designed for and you’ll end up losing more fish that way.

Furthermore, once you get hooked up with a bull redfish, you want to get it to your vessel or shore as quickly as possible.

You’ve got the heavy gear to put some heat on the fish and bring it in.

The last thing you want to do is fight these fish for a long time on light tackle.

It is critical to get the fish to the boat in a reasonable time to properly revive and release the fish.

Other things you can do while fighting the fish include getting all other lines out of the water and clearing one side of the vessel to tend to the fish.

You should aim for under a minute in total handling and release time.

Have a plan ready and in place before you get hooked up to a bull redfish.


fall redfish

It’s hard to beat fighting and reeling up a giant BULL redfish.

We just need to make sure we are responsible and have plans in place to ensure the safety of us and the fish.

Remember, these are our breeders for years to come!!

Do you have any questions about the rigs we were fishing with on this trip?

Let me know if you want to see a separate in-depth video on bull redfish rigs!

Finding The Fish Help

In order to help make sure that you are targeting the right areas based on the latest feeding trends and upcoming weather forecasts, make sure to use the following 3 resources because they will save you a ton of time.

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3. Community Reports (live feed)

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Phil Rutledge
10 months ago

What is best way to catch reds in Dec, January

Todd FIx
10 months ago

Thanks for these important tips. Important to not kill fish.

Henry Zamora
10 months ago

Great catch & having alot of fun. I really appreciate the tips on catch & release. So far I haven’t had to release a Bull from boat or jetty here South Texas Corpus to South Padre. I do have tag for one over 28″ and I’m tempted to use if I do catch 28″-30ish size. The only reason I would keep one is because it’s been over 40 yrs since I landed one. At what size is one classified as a bull? Again great video & tips.

David Bui
10 months ago

Hi. Did you find them on the fish finder first or just pull up and blindly drop the bait?

I used to live in Jacksonville and tried my hand at that very bridge but no luck.

Justin Ritchey
10 months ago

FANTASTIC Video, my man! Classic area to fish in the Fall months. Glad you guys hooked into a couple of studs!

Pat Ogletree
10 months ago

Nice tips! Those were some great reds!

Claudio Li
10 months ago

If you want to do one of these videos on bull reds off a yak. We can launch from my back yard to that location. 😉

Great video. 🙂

Last edited 10 months ago by Claudio Li
Matt Lanier
10 months ago

Great video brotha!

Tim Groner
10 months ago

Nice video, thanks for the info. Always wondered why they’re called “Bull” reds when they are females.

greg lanier
10 months ago

Good tips Richard and some good ole reds there 👍


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