Where To Find & Catch Bull Redfish This Fall Like A Pro


Find the bait and find the fish.

Yes, that’s definitely an important factor BUT there are other things that go into where these big bull redfish will be located!

In this new tea time, you’ll learn:

  • What areas to target this fall for bull redfish
  • Where to look if they are not with the big bait pods
  • What other conditions are favorable
  • And much more

Check it out below!

Where To Catch Bull Redfish This Fall [VIDEO]

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We covered a ton of information so here’s a timestamped version:

  • 1:48 – How to find these fish in big open waters
  • 2:31 – Two main areas to find bulls (think depth changes)
  • 3:24 – When the fall spawn is on, find bull redfish here
  • 4:37 – Pay attention to what is happening in fishing reports
  • 7:12 – Heavy weather changes and moon phases affect the movement of the redfish
  • 9:17 – If you can’t find the bulls, they are probably here
  • 10:21 – Find the bait, find the bull redfish
  • 12:50 – Big bait schools may not always indicate finding fish
  • 14:46 – Points, eddys, and coves (don’t limit yourself to one spot and keep your eyes on the bait movement)
  • 16:45 – Fish move in the direction of where the wind is blowing?
  • 20:03 – Bait, moons, biology, conditions (Putting the pieces of the puzzle together)
  • 22:02 – Not all bull redfish will behave the same way at the same time
  • 22:55 – Please take care of these breeder fish and properly handle


fall redfish

Fall is a great time of year to target big redfish because they are spawning and fired up!

How do you find redfish during the fall?

Do you have other tactics for locating these bulls?

Let me know in the comments below!

And if you know an angler who wants to catch some bull redfish this fall, please TAG or SHARE this with them!

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Adam Bailey
1 year ago

So I gotta ask…when is the Salt Strong topwater pickle coming out? LOL! With single inline hooks of course.

1 year ago

How do you know when the spawn starts to occur?

Ikie jimmy
1 year ago

Thanks Justin and Tony, great tips and instructive call. I’ve just started looking for the Bulls in my area, so this helps a lot. You guys Rock

richard green
1 year ago

my second question is do these ambush predators sometimes use the dolphins who are chasing large schools of mullet to chase prey to them, if the topography is right, an interesting question, can u use dolphin [everybodys bain] to your advantage, i guess it depends on the location, what do you think

richard green
1 year ago

okay i agree with you i was fishing 9th of november 3 years ago buttonwood harbor sarasota bay witch is half way between a 28 mile stretch of inlets to the bay buttonwood harbor is about 1/4 to 1/2 mile wide i was fishing the outside near the mangroves 6 ft of water, the grass flats between me and the channel that runs about about 100 yds offshore is about 3-4 feet deep at high tide, i noticed a dolphin working the channel again about at least a quarter mile away, probable more, i fish from a paddle board, we had a northeast wind 8-10, all of a sudden i notice baitfish blowing up all over the ledge that goes from 3-4 feet to 6 ft. put on a gold spoon and caught 3 reds from 42 to 50 in. 7 snook 27 to 34 and a 32 in bluefish in a matter of 2 hours, ya my arms were tired, my question is, was i just lucky or did that dolphin running the channel pushing the bait into the shallower water have something to do with it, love to hear your thoughts

1 year ago

My absolute favorite for bull reds, is finding oyster bars, that are near some sort of cover, like a dock. Ship channels are great too. My go to bait is a blue crab split in half on a high-low setup, with circle hooks and a 6oz sinker. It’s an efficient “do nothing” rig. Just cast and wait for that drag to start screaming. Its almost guaranteed to be a large black drum, or a bull red on the line. Of course, I’m working a few other poles at the same time.

Mario Relvini
1 year ago

Thanks for the video and insight! Catching bulls has been my goal lately but I’m pretty clueless on where to find them near us other than Haulover. I’m going to focus more near the flats/drop offs near the bridges assuming the mullet are there.


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