TFO Medium Rod VS. TFO Medium-Light Rod


Should you choose to go with the Medium action rod or the Medium-Light action rod?

What are the major differences between the two types of rod builds?

Different factors come into play for a variety of fishing scenarios that determine which rod you should use!

Find out more below!!

TFO Medium VS. Medium Light

For this fishing rod comparison, we are using the TFO Pro S Spinning Rod to compare Medium VS. Medium-Light.

The Medium-Light rod is indicated by silver tape down near the reel seat and gold tape for the Medium rod.

Medium VS. Medium-Light

The Medium action spinning rod is the go-to rod for most inshore fishing scenarios.

This is because it pairs well with a lot of soft plastic lures used for inshore saltwater fishing.

If you are using paddletail lures, topwater lures, or other soft plastics, the Medium rod will better load the lures up to cast far.

Medium-Light rods are not meant for heavier lures or plugs because they will take longer to load the lure and cast much shorter.

Heavier lures mean you want to go with a heavier rod like the Medium action.

Furthermore, if you are using a heavier plastic lure made of TPE material or you are using weighted hooks, you want a rod with enough backbone to dig the hook through the soft plastic when setting the hook.

The Medium rod will perform better in this scenario.

On the other hand, Medium-Light rods do have their own set of advantages compared to Medium.

The Medium-Light rod is the way to go when you are using light tackle and light lures.

Medium-Light rods have a bit more action in the rod and are better suited for casting lightweight tackle.

You will cast lighter lures much further using a Medium-Light rod as opposed to a Medium rod.

Additionally, if you are doing lots of jigging and rod movement then the Medium-Light will create better action and be easier on your arms as you jig up and down.

The major disadvantage when fishing with a Medium-Light rod is hook setting power.

You do not have as hard of hook set power with the Medium-Light rod when compared to the Medium.

If you find yourself missing fish or the hook point is pulled out, you should switch over to the Medium rod to increase your hook-up ratio.

Which Rod Type Is Best For Inshore Fishing?

The Medium will cover all the basics for inshore saltwater fishing.

The power and ability to cast a variety of different weighted lures far as well as increased hook setting power set the Medium apart from the Medium-Light.

TFO Medium VS. Medium Light [VIDEO]

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tfo rods - temple fork outfitters spinning rods

Having the right fishing rod for the type of fishing scenarios you find yourself in is more important than having a great reel.

Your rod is the tool you use to cast and bring those fish in and if you are using the wrong setup for inshore fishing, you might just be losing out on fish that are well within your reach!

Be sure to find the rod that works best for you and for the soft plastic lures or hard body plugs you enjoy fishing with!!

Do you have any more questions on the TFO Medium VS. Medium-Light rod tutorial?

Let us know down in the comments!

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6 months ago

Extraordinary data Wyatt , what might be a decent reel to add on these poles.

Kenneth Miller
1 year ago

Wyatt, nice presentation. I have been waiting for both these rods to come in to stock.
Is there any information on availability?
Fishing in the Bald Head Island and Oak Island area I’m using between 1/8 – 1/2 oz.
If I were to purchase one for now what would be your suggestion be?
Thanks for your help.

Omer Dumais
1 year ago

Wyatt, I love your info, detail and focus on results, but please pause, take a breath and slow down your delivery, my brain does not adsorb as fast as you speak without pauses. Good stuff but hard to listen to effectively.

Mel Crissey
1 year ago

Gold information Wyatt. Good comparisons that make a lot of sense.

Pablo Diaz
1 year ago

Great video Wyatt- I always have used Medium or Medium heavy rods. Thanks for the breakdown

Juan Batch
1 year ago

Great video.. Question. How does hook set come into play with these different rods. And does hook design matter much. I know when im catching specs when their moths are sore from eating a lot of shrimp hook set must be pretty gentle. And does it matter if you pull straight up or from the side setting hooks with either or any rod for that matter?

William Barefoot
1 year ago

Great information. I’m inshore fishing in NC from Sneads Ferry to South Topsail. Because we have should a changing tidal swing with the strong currents, I have always used MH rods. Your thoughts?

Perrin Lee
1 year ago

Very good video on the medium and medium light rods good information

Franklin Valencia
1 year ago

Hey Wyatt! So let me get this…and I’m using Luke as reference as well. We have MH, M, and ML for selections and I totally understand the functions of the tip and backbone of the rod. Now I remember Luke not too long ago testing the Alabama Lepeachaun on an owner twist lock hook with MH vs M, and he mentioned the hookset greatly improved with the MH than M. Your experience differs a bit on your lure selection, but I was wondering if Luke experienced better hooksets on a MH, then why not use that instead? Is their some type of range or style of lures vs. what type of rod action to choose. I think their should be some type of a friendly chart to know sample recommended lures to rod relation setup if you know what I mean. Thank you Wyatt! I’m just curious on the subject. I’m sure it can help us understand the correct rod to purchase a little easier according the style you’re going for.

Last edited 1 year ago by Franklin Valencia
Franklin Valencia
1 year ago
Reply to  Wyatt Parcel

I totally get it Wyatt! I appreciate you clarifying that…I figured at the end it’s about “feel” and you’re right every rod can feel different to a person…same goes like everyone’s different perspective as long as the technique is done correctly and comfortable to yourself. Yeah too many variables.

Pat Ogletree
1 year ago

Love it Wyatt! I agree with you 100%. I have one ML set up and only use it while throwing fine wire exposed hooks like a Ned Rig. Works great in those situations as long as you don’t have to pull the fish from structure.


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