The State Of The Saltwater Fishing Union (2023)

It’s the state of the saltwater fishing union time!

In this episode, Joe breaks down where he sees things headed over the next year in the following areas:

  • Fishing Tackle
  • Boating
  • Conservation
  • Fishing Access Issues
  • Overall fishing growth

Enjoy, and tight lines!

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The State Of The Saltwater Fishing Union (2023) [PODCAST]

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➡Find NEW Saltwater Fishing Spots In Your Area In 60 seconds or less!!!

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Eric Gotto
5 months ago


Donald Morgan
5 months ago

Great report. In my home waters, Murrells Inlet, Little River and Winyah Bay our biggest challenge is the increase of guided boats plying our waters. The catch restrictions installed in North Carolina sent some of those guide captains down here. Now do not missunderstand, I have no problem with guide captains making a living. But there is a finite resource here and the increased pressure is noticeable. I have spoken with several local guides and tackle/ bait shops and all say the inshore fishing is off from years past. Not sure what the answer is, but it is a problem.

Robert Stewart
5 months ago

An excellent 2023 annual report, Joe. Made a lot of sense considering where the industry was and the direction it is now going. Tight lines.

Anthony Pipino
5 months ago

Please let us know who to write or where to protest.

Frank Walsh
5 months ago

Spot on Joe, I could never understand why fisherman and tackle shops didn’t unify to resist. I made the bus trips to DC to protect my rights and would do it again. The bride and tried to attend Congressman VanDrew hearing on the whales and dolphin washing up on the shores of NJ. Approximately 250 were turned away because of the lawful occupancy of the facility many of whom drove hours to attend.

The kicker was you didn’t see any of the nature conservation organizations represented including birds. As it turns out at least one received money via a third party, I emailed them haven’t received a response, how surprising! I can go on.

All politics are local, start with your own city/town call your governor and congressman they need your vote make them earn it. Use your voice before you lose it, rant temporarily over.

Rob S
5 months ago
Reply to  Frank Walsh

Your rant is well founded, Frank. The same forces at work who are undermining our fundamental rights and basic liberties are the same ones restricting access to public waters and leasing/selling public land to commercial interests. You’ll see a few Insiders rant and rave against “moron and idiot” politicians. My bet is those same people voted for the “moron and idiot” incompetent, bumbling, mumbling, and fumbling politicians. If you voted for a moron and idiot, that makes you one.

Daniel Peña III
5 months ago

Excellent State of the Saltwater Fishing Union address! You are absolutely right, we must stand united and do our best to preserve our recreational fishing industry and new anglers.Something as simple as netting a floating plastic water bottle into your boat trash to discard at the dock later to joining full all out beach cleaning campaigns. Taking some time to share a little bit of our knowledge and referring new anglers to our club or fishing in general.

Mark R. Johnson
5 months ago

I agree with you Joe. There is so much to be done. Some of the issues are political based and some are caused by some recreational anglers. The EPA wanted Baltimore to receive 675K gallons of toxic waste water from the Ohio train wreck. I know all the local politicians are trying to block it. It would have detremental effects on the Chesapeake Bay.

The other issue I see quite common from fishing access points is the trash. Why do people insist on leaving their trash? You brought it in, you should take it out. When you see tackle related trash and empty bait containers, to your point the local gov’t are going to close these sites because of the trash and abuse.

The other conservation issue are the overfishing of the fisheries. Even though the local regs say you can keep a fish over 40″ should you? These are the breeders for the future fisheries. You see photos from a fishing tournament with a hundred fish on a dock , why? I don’t have a problem with people keeping fish, just not an absured number of fish, just because you can. When I have questioned these tournaments, it’s amazing the responses they justify in putting the enormous amount of pressure on the fisheries. Granted some tournaments do provide benefits to local charities. The Chesapeake Bay fishery has completely change from when I was a kid to what it is now. It’s disappointing and frustrating.

As far as tackle shops, I know of one mom and pop store close last year. Last week I was in another local mom and pop store and the prices they were charging for tackle were crazy high.

It all is going to start with each person doing their part and asking other to do theirs.

Steven Rackas
5 months ago

Where and when will the meetings in April be? I couldn’t find it in the Community section.

Mark Dunnam
5 months ago
Reply to  Steven Rackas

Hey Steven, it looks like you are in the Clearwater/Pinellas area! If you’d like to come to the Pinellas Chapter launch, it will be on April 20th, 6:30pm, at 6800 Sunshine Skyway Ln. South. There will be announcements happening shortly for all the Chapter launches taking place in April but if you have any questions, email me at:

Lloyd Phillips
5 months ago

Thank you Joe, we must do our part as recreational fisherman as well in conserving the fish population. The bass population is really being effected they have noticed in the tournaments. As well I’ve been listening to Saturday am fishing shows for over 2 decades, and they’re still waiting for the Mahi run this year……


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