Do Chatterbaits Work For Saltwater Fishing?


If you’ve never used a chatterbait but you fish in really dirty water, then you’ll want to check this out!

Fishing in dirty water scenarios means you’ll need to create more vibration and flash to get fish to strike.

And a chatterbait can quickly and easily create this presentation for you!

So in this new video, you’ll learn why the Z-Man Eye Strike Chatterbait should be added to your tackle box before your next fishing trip.

Check it out below!

The Z-Man Eye Strike Chatterbait [VIDEO]

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Great for dirty water and power fishing.

The vibration and flash create that extra action in the water to get fish to strike (even in really murky water).

And yes they definitely work in saltwater!!


Chatterbaits may not be the best to use over expansive grass flats.

It’s a loud bait so it could spook off fish easily.

And it’s not weedless or snag-proof so you’ll want to be sure you’re not fishing around structure.


Because a chatterbait already has some play, I’d recommend using a uni knot or improved clinch knot.


  • Size: 4/0 (The length of the shank of the hook offers more versatility.)
  • 3/8 oz (This is a power fishing tool and allows you to fish a little deeper water.)
  • Pairs well with any 3 to 5″ soft plastic (Z-Man Minnow Z, Slam Shady Bomber, Gold Digger, Alabama Leprechaun)

Z-Man Chatterbait

Chatterbaits were made for power fishing and dirty water!

If you want to catch a ton of fish in these scenarios, I highly recommend checking out the Z-Man Eye Strike Chatterbaits.

Have any further questions about the Z-Man Eye Strike Chatterbait??

Let me know in the comments below!

Get your chatterbait here:

Z-Man Eye Strike Chatterbait

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Buford M. Myers III
1 month ago

Justin, in the video you say that SS went with the 3/8 oz. size, but on the shop page, it says 1/4 oz. Which is it?

Lionel Vela
1 month ago

Can you make a chatter bait weed less. With the spring so we could us it in deep part of water with weed.

Matthew Broome
1 month ago
Reply to  Lionel Vela

Z-man CrossEye Chatterbait has a weedguard

Matthew Lanier
1 month ago

Great muddy water bait!

Justin Hargrave
1 month ago
Reply to  Matthew Lanier

Hello Matthew! Have you caught a variety of species with chatterbaits in murky water? Mostly just reds and black drum? Have you had success on this bait with trout and/or flounder?

South central Louisiana guy here. Muddy water is often as good as it gets Lon this area, ha

Travis Rodkey
1 month ago

Thanks Justin! Sounds perfect for Galveston/Clear Lake TX area. Like to fish Lake Mark Kramer (fed by Armand bayou), which was formerly named “Mud Lake” for good reason. Can only see down about half a foot or so there & at other nearby fishing spots. Haven’t run into much debris at least from shore so am optimistic.

Tyson Dominy
1 month ago

Justin; Where do you tie the leader to? Which one of the loops. Never having used one before I am not sure.

Danny Mitchell
1 month ago

Great video Justin… I always fish the bass style skirted chatterbaits and spinnerbaits… is having a skirt on the lure a disadvantaged in saltwater?

John Widders
1 month ago

Hey There,
I have
certainly used the mini-version of the Chatterbait. I think it is called the
Chatterbait Flashback Mini. They come pre-rigged with a curly tail. I pull
those off and put a 2.5 or 3″ Z-Man Slim Swimz on these. While I usually
fish them with a steady retrieve, I will sometimes pause them and with the
Z-man Slim Swimz, the bait will float a bit with the tail pointed up. I have
had great success using them at creek mouths on a falling tide. I also use them
like the way you describe as “power bait” when I am trying to cover
flats area. I went with the smaller version thinking that it wouldn’t be as
obnoxious to fish and drive them away like you warned with the larger versions.
Having said
that however I do think I will give the larger ones a try to in a little bit
deeper water and when the water is murky. We are supposed to get rain a few
days this week so this may be the ticket. Thanks for the video and I appreciate
the way you all lay it out with the pros/cons and fish it here, not there
approach. It really helps a weekend warrior like me who gets little time on the
Take Care,

Rod Rice
1 month ago

The Gold Digger with the Gold Bladed Chatterbait looks awesome for stained/tanic water in the St. Mary’s River around St. Mary’s, GA and Fernandina Beach, FL.

Now SaltStrong just needs to offer the Bomber in the Gold Digger color 😉

Malcolm Hayward
1 month ago

Try a blood pellet in a discharger 18″ up the leader.
Messy but.
Noisy baits piss off / wake up sleepy fish.
In my experience, you will put down more fish if they can’t see the target.

Coloured water, scent and electric microcurrents do the business.
Mix brass and steel fittings.

Malcolm Hayward.

Rob S
1 month ago

Purchased this bait in silver, 1/4 oz.-4/0 from Discount Tackle three months ago. Tested it out briefly one time but failed to draw any interest. I’m thinking this might be a better winter bait when fish are in deeper water. Harder to fish in any shallow water situation if there is any bottom debris (i.e., not just grass flats). Only one review on Discount Tackle, and currently some colors and sizes (not the one offered by SS) are on a clearance sale at $5.57 per pack suggesting this hasn’t taken off like maybe they thought it would . . . One more arrow in the enlarging SS tackle offerings.


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