Here Are The Bluewater Trolling Lures You Need To Know [VIDEO]

By: Joseph Simonds on August 21, 2017
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It’s bluewater time again!

Our friends from Team Ripper Fishing are back with another awesome video in their offshore training series.

In case you missed the first few Team Ripper videos, here they are:

In this latest video, the guys from Team Ripper reveal the offshore lures they never leave home without (consequently, the same lures they catch most of their billfish and other pelagic fish with).

Enjoy and make sure to leave Matt and Darren any offshore fishing questions you have in the comments.

Must-Have Bluewater Trolling Lures

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How many of these offshore lures do you have?

I found it pretty interesting that even guys like this who fish in six-figure offshore tournaments keep their lures pretty simple and minimal.

They confirmed what we teach in our online fishing courses… simple = better = catch more fish.

Do you have any specific questions for Darren or Matt?

Any specific offshore tips or questions you want us to cover next?

Let us know in the comments.

Finally, make sure to follow Team Ripper on Facebook here, Instagram here, and listen to their podcast interview here.

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